Tuesday, September 25, 2007

While I'm Away

Yet another beautiful bibliochair, this time nicked from Adib the Reader's Flickr set! (Wonder where he found it? ... And yes, that's him sitting on it.)

I'm off to Bali today for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and hope to update you on all the gossip as I gather it.

Patience if there isn't a posting for a day or two. But please keep each other entertained here in this space by talking about your current reads.

I'm still Bookering - I've finished Animal's People and am loving Lloyd Jones' Mr Pip. Ann Enright's The Gathering is packed for holiday reading.

See ya!


fizah said...

i havent read anything contemporary in a looong time! since i'm taking pre 1600 english class now, i am reading beowulf, chaucer and a lot of shakespeare.

i like beowulf a lot eventhough the lack of romance kinda puts me off a little bit.

but chaucer is brilliant! i'm reading the canterbury tales and in awe at the acute descriptions of the pilgrims. the details are just amazing.

classes aside, i am still trying to finish swann's way and crime and punishment.

Anonymous said...


me too. i'm reading War & Peace.


animah said...

The photo is taken in either Birmingham or Manchester.
Deduced as follows:
1. Judging from attire of Adib and lady behind him - this is in a colder climate.
2. Looking at type of brick used - it is either the UK or Northern Europe. Not the USA.
3. Looking at the way the lady is dressed, this is not Continental Europe, which pretty much leaves the UK/Ireland.
4. The brick wall and tiles also indicate a more modern building which rules out inner London (outer London would not spend so much money on this chair), and the chair with chain suggests a city that is trying hard to prove itself to be cultural, possibly because it does not have as much history as other cities may have, which rules out Edinburgh and Dublin. So who are the more "modern" cities which publicise themselves as very cultural? Birmingham and Manchester. Actually I think it's a bus depot. Doesn't the lady look like she's waiting for a bus?
So its a bus depot in Birmingham or Manchester.

Madcap Machinist said...

Nice try Animah but only up to UK/Eire; the pic was taken at the British Library in London, says Adib himself.

I'm just wondering why there's a big chain attached to the book-bench. Can't help but think that in Malaysia the chain might get stolen but the book will be left behind...

Kak Teh said...

Hi all, the pix was indeed taken at the British Library, when Pak Adib visited London and the pix was taken by my husband.

bibliobibuli said...

hi guys, i've staked out my favourite cybercafe and will update you soon. am in love with bali all over again ... apart from the morning chorus of ducks which do their best to wake you up at 5 am. (never mind i will get my revenge soon by eating one or two)

fizah - i really love chaucer and can quote the first part of the prelude to the canterbury tales from memory in chaucerian english!
these are the kind of thematically linked short-stories that julian gough was talking about the other day, btw. we still have a lot to learn from this guy!

viz- you brave fellow, how is "war and peace going"?

animah - i am from birmingham and it is a HIGHLY cultured place! good detective work though.

machinist - thanks for putting in the time to research the question. now i want a chair like this for my house.

kak teh - the whole mystery solved! thanks

i have finished "mr pip" - i was crying my eyes out on the plane. i think i want this one to win but still have 3 more novels to go before i can state that categorically. just began anne enright's "the gathering" and it starts off very well ...

will pop in again tomorrow, hopefully with a few drops of gossip

Anonymous said...

i keep getting distracted. now i'm reading MPSTDT (Msian Politicians Say ...).


Mohd Adib said...

I hereby confirmed Kak Teh's comment is correct.

bibliobibuli said...

hi Pak Adib - i love the picture and wish you had stolen the chair for me!