Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Harper's Competition

Raman's Silverfish newsletter has some interesting stuff and in particular this news of a short story competition for women at Harper's Bazaar ... but hurry because you don't have long to get submissions in :
Are you the most exciting new female voice in fiction -- but, as yet, unpublished? At Harper's Bazaar, we love discovering great new writing, and are thrilled to be teaming up with Orange to invite you to write an original short story for our annual competition, says the Harper's Bazaar oficial Short Story Competition 2009 website. Winners stand to pick up a prize of GBP 1000.00 in the presence of top editors, publishers and agents (oh yes, that writer's 'a' word for the gods) in June 2009.

... Previous successes include Clare Allan in 2002, who went on to write the acclaimed Poppy Shakespeare. Last year's winner, Sukhraj Randhawa, was taken on by literary agent Zoe Waldie (Rogers, Coleridge & White) on the strength of her entry, and is currently working on a novel.
Full details and rules can be found here.

Haha, they want a passport photo so I hope you're not too ugly for literature!

Raman also has the story of two men who were arrested at a bookfair in Saudi Arabia for asking for an autograph from a female author! What loose behaviour.


Anonymous said...

A contest, only for women, and photos mandatory. An application for any other thing with these conditions and the Vice Squad would be raiding the premises haha!

- Poppadumdum

Anonymous said...

It's true.. if this wasn't Harper's it would sound too many alarms :P