Monday, June 29, 2009

Bribed Boys

The question of how you get boys to read books has come up on this blog before. One solution - try bribery!

A New Zealand school has realised that every man has his price, and sometimes :
... the cost of getting a teenage boy to read is a can of Coke.
According to teacher Kit Norman, the ploy is working.


Fadz said...

A mobile phone voucher for reading books? It's not bribery. That's considered an incentive. And they should implement it here as well!

Smart move, that. 1 or 2 years of this & some may end up reading for the sake of it, of being used to reading.

If I were an English teacher, I'd be doing this in a heartbeat. Maybe not to the extent of a mobile phone, but hey, if kids start reading, it could never go wrong.

Anonymous said...

If it's something you want done, it's an incentive. If it's something you don't want done, it's bribery :)

Anonymous said...

A free condom for every book read: Stop AIDS, Spread Literacy!

Richard said...

I try to read a page or two with my kids every night. I confess to being an Anglophile in this area. We read the Famous Five, Rupert the Bear, Agent Arthur and old magazines like Finding Out and World of Wonder.

Siege Malvar said...

Now I feel shortchanged!