Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Books on a Bike

Is there no end to biblioinventiveness? I've featured some unusual bookshelves on this blog - but how about one on ... a bicycle?

The amazing Book Bike is the brainchild of Gabriel Levinson [via], former reviews editor for Make: A Chicago Literary Magazine.

Gabriel apparently pedals this bookshelf on three wheels around the parks of Chicago during spring and summer months:
... bringing bookish delight to all of those who may be seeking it.
I guess this puts a new spin (haha!) on the concept of the mobile library!


SGRMSE. said...

Sharon, I don't think you'd remember me. I left a comment sometime back and even though I know this is completely random and unrelated (to your post, that is) I was just wondering...

if I were to send you a manuscript of a fiction I wrote, would you be interested to read/give feedback?

You don't have to... just if you have the time to spare. Thanks. =)

- Melissa

Kokyee said...

Sharon might be obliged if you deliver your manuscript on a bicycle.. in the spirit of her latest posting.

Just joking!

Abesa007 said...

i've read some of your writings, but this is the first time i reached your blog~

nice heheheh I love it so much!

bibliobibuli said...

Hi Mello, I'm happy to read your manuscript but now am charging for the service. You can email me and we can discuss it.

Otherwise suggest you go along to the writers group at Silverfish or perhaps join an online writers group for peer feedback.

Kok Yee - good one lah. BTW your book is very nice, I'm thoroughly entertained by it. One lunchtime is 3 stories. Will blog something about it soon as I finish.

Kokyee said...

Hey Sharon,
Glad that you like it! :)