Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Worship of Books

GeneGirl, this blog's correspondent based in Germany, makes another bookish pilgrimage - this time to one of the world's most famous bookshops.

I love lists. I have a list of things to achieve before my next birthday (time is running out), list of books to read, and a recent list of things that scare me that I have to try out (people who know me, know I am freaky that way).

When I read a list of the best bookshops around and saw that the best bookshop was just a hop away, I hopped away from Cologne to Maastricht.

Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and now hosts a bookshop with apparently the largest English books in the country. More importantly, the host is a 800-year old church. Now people can pay homage to books in this old Dominican church, which interestingly enough until Christmas of 2007 was a bicycle store!

Dutch architects Merkx and Girod took on the task of refurbishing the church and bringing in bookshelves and a quaint little café (below) at the end of the church. Now, the Boekhandel Selxyz Dominicanen  will remain amongst the favorite places to escape to.

The English section carries a diverse range of authors, from classics to chicklit, from crime fiction to non fiction. I sat for ages amongst the books, feeling like I was with friends and looking up at the frescoes, one could easily believe it is a divine experience. Every visit since I first stepped into the church of books has brought me profound joy, contemplation and a renewed energy to read MORE!
If you are reading this blog from overseas or are travelling and would like to let us know about a great bookshop or place with a bookish connection, I'd love to give you the space for a guest post. Just contact me at sharonbakar at yahoo dot com.


Ellen Whyte said...

How beautiful - and how Dutch to turn a church into a haven of peace and literature!

Unknown said...

I know! And you never really realize how distinct the symbolisms are..for instance the cafe with the way the tables are set need to have a bird's eye view.

Tahlia said...

Yes beautiful photos.

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Jane Sunshine said...

wow...i could spend hours here....