Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Celebrating Scotland

British Council is organising a Celebrate Scotland month from 15 August to 16 September 2005 with plenty of exciting stuff happening.

Theatre Babel will be performing Macbeth at the KL Performing Arts Centre and you will also be able to catch the Macbeth in the Shadows Wayang Kulit performances.

I'm involved with the library displays and readings from selected Scottish authors’ works at MPH Bookstore, 1-Utama Shopping Centre on Sept 3rd. It should be fun!

There's more ... much more ... screening of a Scottish film, storytelling, sonnet writing for schoolkids, bagpipes ...

And there's an online competition where you stand to win a trip to Scotland and other prizes. It's all on the website. Go take a peek! .


The Visitor said...

no wonder there was a guy from the British Council at my office yesterday, walking around in a kilt.

bibliobibuli said...

Yes! Wasn't he cute! Perhaps you'd like to join in the spirit of things and wear one too? (You can't look any odder that you did in that RINGU-film!)

Jordan F. MacVay said...

I'd love to check out MacBeth, considering we sort of have the same name: MacVay in Gaelic is MacBheatha, same as his name (though his was a given name, not a patronymic, and we aren't related). I'll be out of the country though. Heck, I even wore a kilt at my wedding (had a bagpiper too!). Why do I always miss the good stuff?

bibliobibuli said...

Wow, Jordan, am honoured to meet a real Macbeth!

porty said...

Celebrating Scotland :

Lament For A Lost Dinner Ticket
(Margaret Hamilton)

See ma mammy
See ma dinner ticket
A pitituma
Pokit an she pititiny

See thou burnty
Up wherra firewiz

Ma mammy says Am no tellnyagain
No'y playnit
A jist wen'y eatma
Pokacrisps furma dinner

The wummin sed Aver near
Jistur heednur
Wee wellies sticknoot

They sed Wot heppind?
Nme'nma belly
Na bedna hospital
A sed A pititnma
Pokit an she pititny

They sed Ees thees chaild ebslootly
Non verbal?
Nwen'y sleep

You can actually hear it at

That's the coolest accent ever :)

bibliobibuli said...

It's wonderful! Thanks so much, Porty.

porty said...

You're welcome. Now can you _please_ tell me what it means ? :)

porty said...

It suddenly occured to me.. why Macbeth ? why not Rob Roy ? or Braveheart ?

bibliobibuli said...

I dinnae ken what it means Porty, but it sounds good when you read it aloud inna Glasgey accent.

Yes, we should do Shakesperare's Rob Roy shouldn't we?

porty said...

well if Shakespeare did Rob Roy I didn't know about it :P was referring to the many plays that were written on him (not literally, of course, erm.)

bibliobibuli said...

As to porty's poem - my Scottish friend translated this for me (Thanks Helen!):

My mother says she’s not telling me again and thinks I’m playing the fool.
I just went to eat my bag of crisps for my dinner (because he had lost his dinner ticket) and a big wall fell down.

The woman who saw it said she nearly collapsed because all she could see was just my head and my small Wellington boots sticking out.

Everyone asked what happened.
I was lying on my stomach on a bed in the hospital.
I said I put it in my pocket and she put it in the washing machine.

They said I wasn’t making sense.

I said my bottom was sore and then I went to sleep.