Friday, August 19, 2005

One Earring Short of a Novel

A challenge for litgroupies only.

Lots of bits of famous writers and a competition to identify them at The Guardian website. I've recognised one or two but ... I'm giving nothing away!

Those of you who aspire to be great writers one day remember - this could be your fate, your balding pate, bulbous nose or straggling eyebrows isolated for the amusement of the reading public. Is the struggle to get into print ultimately worth it if this is your reward?

Well okay ... see if you can identify the writer this bit belongs to.

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The Visitor said...

E looks like it could be Michael Caine or Elvis Costello. H looks like Robin Williams.

problem is, all those whom i've named are not writers!


Tiara said...

Earring Lady is you :P

D = Amy Tan? Don't know how she looks like.

G = Salman Rushdie (?)

J = j.K. Rowling

N = El Shakespere

Chet said...

Nice bit of neck there, Earring lady.

Chet said...

I - Oscar Wilde

Leon Wing said...

A - Zadie Smith
C- Ishiguro
E - Kingsley Amis
F- Woolf
G - Rushdie
I - Oscar Wilde
H- Julian Barnes
J- Rowling
K- Hunter Thompson
M- Amis
N- Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

L - Arundhati Roy

bibliobibuli said...

Alamak! Send your answers to the Independent, not to me!!! There are books to be won.

Yvonne Foong said...

Haha! wasn't hard to guess the earring is you.