Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Booker Bookaholic Bets

It's just a few hours until the Man Booker Prize winner is announced. Hey, I'm excited!

And oh ... I've changed my mind about who I want to win. It's a bit presumptuous of me since I haven't read the whole shortlist, but I wonder if there really can be a stronger contender than Julian Barnes' Arthur and George which I've just finished reading. The story telling is compelling, the writing a joy, the characters fully fleshed and engaging, the historical research meticulous. I might be a smigeon prejudiced because much of the story is set in the Midlands where I come from and also because I have loved Sherlock Holmes since I was a kid, and in this book Barnes appropriates his creator and presses him into service to solve a real-life crime.

Yes, this should be the judges' choice.

The Man Booker website lets readers vote on their choice and yes, popular opinion puts Barnes ahead of all but the Ishiguro (my previous first choice and the one I staked my margueritas on).

Which way will it go?


suanie said...

off topic: I was reading this article and for some reason I thought you may like it. I could be wrong, but here it is anyway :

Tingo, nakkele and other wonders

bibliobibuli said...

Suanie - you read my mind! I don't even have to go look at the article because I'd already started to write about this book ... but hadn't got around to posting it. Do appreciate that you took the trouble to come and tell me ...

3rd Chimp said...

Ooo, must read Arthur and George. I have a vague recollection of reading something else by Barnes that I liked, but so many years ago, I can't come up with a title! He isn't the chap who wrote Flaubert's Parrot, is he?

bibliobibuli said...

3rd chimp - this is one that you will very much enjoy. and yes barnes did write flaubert's parrot