Friday, October 14, 2005

Pinter Bags Nobel

Well, Pinter got the Nobel. Was it just for his art or also because of his outspoken views on the U.S. involvement in and his opposition to Blair? He has long raged against
"... the nightmare of American hysteria, ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and belligerence; the most powerful nation the world has ever known effectively waging war against the rest of the world."
One after my own heart, in other words.

I've been out of touch with what Pinter has been writing in more recent times I must confess (as my cheeks redden with bookguilt), but read his early plays while I was a student and they have inhabited my head ever since.

In fact every time I have a conversation with my husband I find myself thinking "Hmmm ... that little dialogue wouldn't be out of place in a Pinter play." Those of you who haven't a clue what I'm talking about better go read Pinter, and you will fathom it immediately.


The Elegant Variation has compiled an excellent list of Pinter links.

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