Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Power to Publish

Was so busy tending to the sick on Monday that I missed the very useful article in the Star about self-publishing in the local context by Lee Tse Ling.

She also does a good job of weighing up the pros and cons and asks whether self-publishing is "faux publishing".

Surprised though that she did not talk about print-on-demand as this makes self-publishing much more affordable and accessible for those who need a smaller print run.

And talking about author photos as we were the other day, Lydia Teh's should be the one that launches a thousand copies!


The Visitor said...

this entry is sure to attract some "attention."

a lot of ppl dont realise that blogging is also self-publishing.

bibliobibuli said...

"attention" ... it took me all of three seconds to work out what you were talking about!

The Visitor said...

three secs is way too long! :D

bibliobibuli said...

yeah ... i'm tired and muddle-headed at the moment ... nothing that a burst of cold weather in london won't cure

Anonymous said...

secs ? did someone say secs ? :)

Lydia Teh said...

Sharon, 1,000 copies over one month :), but over 3 years :(

I didn't feel like putting up my pix on my blog coz it didn't feel right considering the sad entry on my father.

Enjoyed reading the articles by Tse Ling, in particular "faux publishing" was a revelation.

Visitor, oohh... I C.

Anonymous said...

Actually 1K copies is nothing. The Book Project 2 is selling 3,000, and it's not all THAT popular either.