Monday, December 05, 2005

Words and Tunes

Klue magazine is sponsoring Words &Tunes events in conjuction with MPH.

On Saturday 10th December you can listen to music by Tragicomedy and Bedsheet Wonders and words from Ashok Soman and Sharanya Manivannan at MPH Bookstore at Bangsar Village from 3pm onwards.

Bernice Chauly and Jerome Kugan are providing the words and Sei Hon and Azmyl Hunor the music at the second gig at MPH 1 Utama on Saturday 16th December, 7.30 onwards.

Well done KLue - hope these are just the start of a whole series of poetry and music events around the city.


XMOCHA! said...

its a pity i will be missing all this as i will be away..

hope u had a fun party last week.


bibliobibuli said...

i will be here for the first and away for the second ... where are you off to SM?

yes, had fun ... shame you couldn't have joined us ...