Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Novel in a Year

Here's something good - and for free!

Novelist Louise Doughty shares her secrets about the craft in the Telegraph and invites readers to share their thoughts and some writerly solidarity on a message board. The series is now in it's fifth week, but the past articles are archived on the site ... and it's all good stuff. Today Doughty talks about passion being the beginner writer's greatest asset:
It's disastrous for anyone's art when they stop being hungry.


qaminante said...

Thank you so much for the link - I've been looking for something to force me to put pen to paper, as I'm currently struggling with characters I want to write but no plot (and reading "No plot, no problem" really didn't help, I crashed out of Nanowrimo within a week!).
I agree so much about writers needing to read - at least I have that part well in hand already!

bibliobibuli said...

you're most welcome and hope it helps ... but a word of advice - forget plot and just dive in - write as fast as you can - because plot just ... happens!

Lydia Teh said...

Thanks, Sharon. It's just what I need for my totally blah! WIP.

Anonymous said...

"It's disastrous for anyone's art when they stop being hungry."

It's not disastrous for the writer. It's about the money and I can prove it. Suppose someone offered you RM1mil to write a book, how fast would you crash out then ? :)

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, does anyone realize some people resemble their names ? she do seem somewhat doughty :)