Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Roses in Kino!

Evidence, if any is needed, that Animah hit Kinokuniya this lunch-time in pursuit of elusive romance among the bookshelves. Sadly there were no clandestine encounters by Sufi poetry (Where were you guys?) but I am so grateful for the copy of The Garden Of Heaven: Poems of Hafiz that she bought for me.

There was one surreal moment though when an extremely handsome young guy (dressed in black, long dark-hair tied back) materialised out of nowhere with a whole bag full of roses, presented one with a florish to a very stunned young lady standing just a few feet away from me ... and then fled the scene before she could protest. He wasn't an employee of Kinokuniya. Was it one of you? If so, well done.

I gave my rose to Arthur, a very nice young man on Kino's management team who stopped by to chat and ask how we thought the store was doing. (I have no complaints, just that I spend too much time and money in there.) Then Animah and I consoled ourselves with a cup of hot chocolate in the cafe upstairs.


The Visitor said...

wah, she's cute! damn, should have gone to Kino at lunch time!

haha, just kidding! my ah moi would kill me!

Brainless Gonk said...

The most unusual book I've read:

Stephen King's "From A Buick 8"

Rented it so I didn't pay full price.

Don't know which was the better decision, to read the book or to rent it.

bibliobibuli said...

visitor - i have news for you - she's a friend of your ah moi!

brainless gonk - ahah - you got a name! (though not a home page) ... i like steven king too ... and what's wrong with book rentals - you can keep the book if you love it, throw it back if not

The Visitor said...


bibliobibuli said...

visitor - *rotflmao*

Brainless Gonk said...

Yeah I think book rentals are great too and so is buying from second-hand shops. New books can be so expensive.