Thursday, February 09, 2006

Will the Real World Book Day Please Stand Up?

MPH's Renee Koh seemed very amused yesterday, when I told her that British Council had plans to celebrate World Book Day on March 2nd. She told me that the book chain would be celebrating the event on April 23rd.

Seeing my obvious bewilderment, she explained:
"There's actually TWO World Book Days. The British World Book Day is in March and the UNESCO one is in April. MPH celebrates the event in collaboration with the Spanish embassy because World Book Day actually began in Spain."

Now why do the Brits (and Irish) have to be different?

Anyway, two days to celebrate books in KL can't be bad!


qaminante said...

All the more galling since April 23 is the date on which not only Cervantes but also Shakespeare died - and Will's birthday as well!

Walker said...

For me, World Book Day is every day. Yay! I'm British *and* Irish you see, and therefore have to be doubly different. ;-)

(I didn't actually know that about UNESCO's day being in April.)

bibliobibuli said...

had forgottena bout the shakespeare connection

walker - then you can celebrate twice on march 2nd (and every other day of the year of course)

Yvonne Foong said...

yeah 2 days ain't that bad at all.

RheLynn said...

Wow, two days to celebrate! I wonder which one our little library is going to pick up on. I'll have to go down there and nose around.