Sunday, March 12, 2006

Children's Book Festival for KL?

Congrats to Starmag's Daphne Lee and friends for having the gumption and the courage to put together "a mini, mini festival – just two days and one venue" at the beginning of December to raise awareness of children's books and the importance of reading.

She says in today's paper:
... I think it will just be a great meeting place for lovers of children’s books, as well as a good introduction for those who don’t really know the genre, are curious and want to find out more. ... So far, the plan is to have a book fair with books for sale and exchange; creative writing and illustration workshops; storytelling, and talks. There will also be a face-painter who will transform you into your favourite storybook character: I’m looking forward to that!
She is also hoping to get writer/illustrator Colin Thompson along to conduct workshops and do some meet-the-author sessions. Keep your eye on Daphne's column in Starmag and on her blog for more ideas as the whole venture takes shape. It isn't easy organising an event like this for the first time - and I know exactly why she feels nervous about the venture - but I'm sure it will be a great success.

Singapore has always had a great deal more going on for those interested in children's writing, including the annual Asian Children's Writers & Illustrators Conference.

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Anonymous said...

Paradoxically, I've never seen a good children's book written by a Singaporean author.