Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Best of Silverfish

Raman's Silverfish litmag announces the release of a complilation of 25 best pieces from the Silverfish New Writing series, comprising Malaysian short stories. The editor is Nesa Sivagnanam who is a sub-editor at The Edge.

A list of stories is included on the website. I'm relieved that Eileen Lui's short story Chewing Gum Boy (from the collection I edited) made it in there.

Don't think I will be buying this volume as I've collected the whole set of New Writing over the years. But then again, it would make a nice gift for friends overseas.


Sham said...

Wow, after five editions a best off?? Oh well, I too have all the others and won't be getting the best of. Hey Sharon, I have yet to get your autograph on my collateral damage la!

Amira said...

Strange list of choices? Where's Bernice Chauly for example? Not very representative, methinks. (or maybe that's sour grapes for multiple rejections.)
Speaking of which -- the Francesca Beard event tomorrow sounds sizzling! That's one very sexy line-up of poets if there ever was one!

The Visitor said...

why is it that there are always a lot of "mat salleh" names in the author list when it is supposed to be a showcase of Malaysian stories?

is it Malaysian stories written by anyone (but setting is Malaysia)? or is it Malaysian writers writing about just anything set anywhere?

bibliobibuli said...

sham - any time lah

amira - yes i like bernice's piece in SNW1 very much ... and sure there are other stories i would have selected ... the biggest oversight now i look at the list is where is Muslin Abdul Hamid's works??????? (We're going to be hearing a lot more of this lady, believe me ...)

anyway - any editor can only choose the stories that they see as being best ... no two people will ever agree on an objective standard

visitor - the collection includes mat sallhe's who are resident here i think ... though robert raymers story is set in america so where is the malaysia in that?

Anonymous said...

That's no surprise.. there's quite a number of retired senior citizens here from "western" countries. Bet most (or all) of them are senior citizens. Anyone wanna take me on ? :)