Sunday, May 28, 2006

Getting Published: Advice From Yang-May

There is for sure a generosity about published writers who take time out to give advice to the wannabe's.

Yang-May Ooi, author of legal thrillers Flame Tree and Mind Game is planning a series of posts on the subject on her Fusion View blog, and has the first one up today.

Thanks too Yang-May, for your mention of my blog the other day - and yes, we are sort of converses ... I've lived more than twenty years here, you more than twenty years there ...


Anonymous said...

This is nice Sharon. Out of all the blog's I see, yours has the most information. I’m sure it’s tiring at times but please know your efforts are appreciated.

Peace out,

lil ms d said...

hi sharon

went to her blog :)

thought you may enjoy this snippet i read in

Girl #1: The worst thing about when your favorite author dies is, you're never going to get any new books from them.

Girl #2: Yeah!

--Strand, 12th & Broadway

Like, DUH?! :))

bibliobibuli said...

anonymous - thanks very much for your kind words. yes, i spend too much time here, for sure!

ms d - that is classic!

The Visitor said...

i remember that i had a tough time trying to get past the first few pages of The Flame Tree. it felt to me like it was a too-deliberate attempt to cross geographical boundaries than it was telling a story from the heart. there were just too many cliches in the first few pages alone.

anyway, it's good that she is willing to impart advice for free. she's got aspiring writers' interests at heart.