Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Become a Fully Certified Censor

This from The Borneo Bulletin via Brudirect.com via The Literary Saloon:
In conjunction with the Reading Month, the Language and Literature Bureau (of Brunei) has organised several workshops to benefit the public.

One of them is a workshop on censorship, which commenced yesterday at the Lecture Hall of the Language and Literature Bureau. It is being organised by the Activities Committee.

The workshop, which will run until June 14, will discuss the proper methods of censoring an article, material or any related matter without altering the content of the subject.

Speakers from the Language and Literature Bureau, Islamic Dakwah Centre and Internal Security Department have been invited to present methods and guidelines at the workshop.

There will also be visits to the Package Receiving Section of the Postal Department at Old Airport in Berakas, as well as the Censors and Publication Control Department of the Islamic Dakwah Centre.

Upon completion of the course, the participants comprising personnel from government departments will each receive a certificate.
How sweet!

Illustration nicked from www.artlex.com

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sympozium said...

Censorship is UNMALAYSIAN!

Ted Mahsun said...

Haha! Imagine the taglines:

- Now YOU TOO can censor like a pro!
- Censorship is FUN! We teach you how!
- Foreign elements getting you down? Join our workshop and discover the wonderful world of censorship (limited seats available)


Anyways, what better time to hold a censorship workshop than in the Reading Month?

bibliobibuli said...

now that sounds like fun!
i can see why you're in adverstising, young ted!