Thursday, June 15, 2006

Masterful Toibin Wins IMPAC

It was pretty much on the cards that Irish writer Colm Toibin would take the IMPAC Dublin Prize for The Master, which received more library nominations than any other book. And yesterday, he did.

The novel is a portrayal of 19th-century novelist and critic Henry James, which the judges praised for its "crisp, modulated writing". They said:

[The book's] preoccupations are truth and the elusiveness of intimacy, and from such preoccupations emerge this patient, beautiful exposure of loss and the price of the pursuit of perfection.
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sympozium said...

Loved his earlier books : The Heather Blazing, The Blackwater Lightship, and The Story of the Night. But the thought of reading about Henry James is daunting...apparently he's a very nice guy though, according to a friend.

Lotus Reads said...

I have had this book sitting on my shelf for atleast two years now. Every couple of months I pick it up, dust it and skim through it but can't bring myself to actually sit down and read it. Arrrgggh! Perhaps I should look for the audio book, it might work better for me.

Enjoying your blog as usual, Sharon. Thanks!

bibliobibuli said...

hate to admit it but i'm hovering on the brink too ... haven't read any of his books yet and must v. soon