Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Poetry of Prejudice

The sky at dusk.

Flocks of birds flying home to roost? Streams of bats emerging from caves and roof spaces and tree tops to forage for food?

Which would you prefer the picture showed?

Examine your own prejudices with the D.H. Lawrence poem I've posted for discussion on the Puisy-Poesy blog.


Glenda Larke said...

Actually, I'd love to say flying foxes (which are bats of course), because the sight of these wonderful creatures in their huge dawn and dusk flights is becoming rare and rarer, as they are hunted and harrassed to death.

But then, I'm peculiar.

bibliobibuli said...

before i even looked to see who had left a comment i knew it would be you!!

i love bats too ... loved seeing them in sydney in the botanical garden in all the trees