Sunday, June 25, 2006

Your Creative Side

A sort of postscript to my last couple of posts.

If you feel madly creative and are at a lose end, you might like to try out one of the following projects:

create a storyboard for a one-minute trailer of the book of your choice. (If you can't draw - like me - you can just describe it. If you want to go one better, make the video!)
tell us about the "not book" you'd like to see on the market (or better still, draw the cover).
I will put the best efforts up on this blog so that you will gain eternal fame and fortune. And okay, I will rummage out a prize for the entries the readers like best.

(Doncha just love blogging where you don't have to ask an editor's permission to do these crazy things?)


Sufian said...

Ha. I've got many-many-many imaginary book covers.

Sufian said...

The first is an anthology of cautionary tales and animal fables. "April yang Dzalim" - is from Burgess' translation of The Wasteland: April is the cruellest month...

The second is a romance anthology. "Kasutku tertinggal di Pantai Dalam" : "I left my shoes in Pantai Dalam"

The third is a pulp anthology. Noir.

The rest are just ideas for neohikayat books.

bibliobibuli said...

damn! they're so good sufian
i want to buy them even though they don't exist
i like the way you give the covers a well used slightly tatty look ...

btw - how can i pass the etgar keret book to you? where are you? i could leave it at silverfish in an envelope ...

Siege said...

Well, I make posters of the books I recommend. I have done only two so far, one for Elie Wiesel's Night and another for Stephen King's The Colorado Kid, and I post them on my blog. BTW, you might want to check out my friend's project:

animah said...

Sufian, I'm trying to understand the Burgess translation thing - he translated The Wasteland into Malay? Or did he translate The Wasteland from English American into English English, which is funny cos I think Elliot spent more time in England than Burgess.

Sharon, yes I'm feeling creative. Now where is the time???

Sufian said...

Burgess, he translated the beginning of The Wasteland into Malay. Just a few lines, I think. Memorable first line, only because of the strange and beautiful phrasing of old Malay.


Am waiting for your contribution for Aweks Kl btw.

Sufian said...


The Keret book: I dunno, I'm rarely out, and of course you had to go and get dengue (shame, shame on you :). BTW most excellent sale at popular Ikano, great books at 70% off retail price. I got an Algren (yay me!) An Auster, A Celine (not Dion but Louis Ferdinand). I saw lots of Kobo Abe, Gunter Grass, Narayan etc etc.

Wouldn't you say that's an incentive to beat dengue?