Monday, July 31, 2006

Magnetic Poetry

Well, my dears, I'm going to love you and leave you for a few days. We're driving across to Cherating for a dose of sun sea sand. I am currently deliberating about which books to take, and hoping there will still be room in my bag for a change of clothes.

Here's something fun to keep you entertained while I'm away. (Like the teacher I once was, I set you homework.)

Have you heard of Magnetic Poetry? These are kits of magnetic words you can arrange into pleasing poetic combinations on the front of your fridge, or on any other metallic surface. (If you're interested, here's how magnetic poetry began.)

My friend Diane knowing my fondness for both moggies and verse bought me the Cat Lover kit some time back, and I used to have not-terribly-wonderful odes to my furry friends on the fridge door. I took them down when I got fed up of words falling into the egg tray and of fishing them out of the yoghurt.

But the internet makes all things easier. The company that produces the kits has a fun website where you can play with sets of words and make your own poetry.

And that's your task! Select any kit you like, make a poem and post it ... either on your blog or in the comments here.

Try not to miss me too much!


Ted Mahsun said...

Proof I should stay away from poesy:

Have we the sunshine here to believe in?
Hey my missing piece of heaven:
Walk by again taking off the best looking astronaut pants,
I am the wedding cake from the bedroom.

Or at least I should stay away from the pickup lines kit.

boo_licious said...

Happy Holidays Sharon! Make sure u eat stuffed crabs at Chukai/Kemaman and drink coffee at Hai Peng Kopitiam.

starlight said...

have a splendid time sharon! and come home with a trunk-load of stories!!

Anonymous said...

astronaut pants :)

Anyway I've already tried that. :)

sympozium said...

My friend's mother had a set of magnetic poetry tiles on her refrigerator and every time we visited we'd mess around with it and leave the most appalling and obscene messages on her fridge

madcap machinist said...

the sculpture screams electric sex
after I let a nude angel investigate why
is her silhoutte white
with that surreal picture
I made by smearing on green canvas
black beer & purple paint,
appearing like
a wildly angry model drunk
raw latex to imagine
my empty metaphors
she is wasted...

from the Artist kit :-)

Thaatch said...

this is thaatch'speare...

therefore we beseech maiden
where hadst man belched
how thee melancholy lover
can woman satisfy vehemence
lady bestow grace mortal
lest haste curse death drunkard
wherefore loath vulgar measure
question loathsome methinks.

pat said...

Blue harmony
Black aesthetic
Purple smoke
can break the picture
Absurd passion is my paint
I never made a sculpture about our drunk psychedelic rhythm
Nude models think
Imagine we ate wild metaphors
and every empty white canvas
a piece of waste

(that was fun :))

animah said...

Sharon, Sharon, we miss you! When are you back??

animah said...

I'm tired of playing magnetic poetry, when are you back?

Jane Sunshine said...

Sharon come back soooonnnn....Miss you loads.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks for your poetry and for missing me!

oh ted - i'm sure you can win hearts with your pickup lines. what girl could resist a guy who praises her "astronaut pants" so eloquently? i like the last line very much - very evocative ...

boolicious - thanks for the stuffed crabs tip off, we ate them twice. the lobster cooked with celery was also superb.

sympozium - haha! exactly what i'd expect from you! (remind me not to leave you alone with my fridge magnets)

machinist - wow! love it. (you should maybe send it in to the folks who make the kits for their websites)

thaatchspeare - verily methinks thy effort is most pleasing

pat - i'm humbled. Imagine we ate wild metaphors - love that line and feel inspired to write a poem with that as starting point

animah - you sound so desperate! how come you didn't post your efforts?

jane - am here for the moment but will be fading out again soon