Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Superman Wants Out!

Over on the Puisi-Poesy blog Superman sounds depressed in the poem chosen by Dreamer Idiot, and Leon has uncovered a piece from a papal poet.

Love the blog or hate the blog? Think it could be improved? We'd value your opinions on the direction it's taking.


SleekBlackMercedes said...

superman sharon? saw the movie but didnt quite fancy it.

somehow the look of a guy who wears his underwear outside instead of inside seems kinda hilarious to me.

as for me, i prefer spiderman myself, hanging on by the seat of his pants.. LoL!!!

bibliobibuli said...

hello! nice to hear from you ....

i was a great superman fan when i was a kid and read the dc comics

in fact i loved all super heroes and fancied myself one!

James said...

I love comics, Superman included. But I used to read Conan the Barbarian. It was really awesome. He was such a man. :-)