Thursday, August 24, 2006

Libraries to Swoon Over

Thanks Swifty for sending me this link to library pictures to absolutely swoon over from The pictures come from Libraries by Candida Höfer which is now on my Amazon wishlist!

Hot library smut, indeed!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that our libraries, don't even come close to such ones (and possibly will never be by how things are going).

sympozium said...

I'm sure our libraries' roofs are much prettier than any of those other libraries featured.

bibliobibuli said...

anonymous - true. but then i don't think i've evr set foot inside a library as impressive as those in the pictures

sympozium - very true!

madcap machinist said...


The pic of the British Library just doesn't seem to do it justice, but only because there are no people in it... I can't decide which is better.

Isn't the Rio Library just mad? Imagine sitting at one of those desks and stare at at... a 50-foot wall of books!

and I so regret not going to the Trinity College Library when I had the chance....

must get this book!

*pray, excuse the raving~!

animah said...

Trent Building Law Library at Nott Uni used to be my haunt. If you were early enough you could bag the large table in the gallery overlooking university lake - see
. And you got to sit right next to the radiator, in the warm morning sun (those rare days) and watch your Kit Kat bar melt. Oh yes, and there were beautiful old shelves with law journals, and plaster heads of old law professors.

Unfortunately the Law Dept has since moved to a new building. I wish I'd taken pictures of the old library. Gone is the character.

Side Topic: I can't find Quill in Times or regular newsagents. Is it only in MPH? I rarely go to MPH.

Mag said...


Anonymous said...

Why's she named after a yeast infection ?