Saturday, September 02, 2006

Guide to Guidebooks

Want to travel to exotic destinations and get paid for it? Become a travel writer!

In Star Weekend Tan Tee Kuan finds out just what the writers for the Lonely Planet guidebooks go through to do their research, and it's not all sundowners on a sandy beach.

Says Kayala Ryan South-East Asia commissioning editor for the guides:
All authors who work for Lonely Planet are expected, first and foremost, to have extensive travel experience and excellent writing skills. They need to be adventurous, intrepid, independent, passionate and willing to work long, long hours. When we hire an author for a particular title, we look at a number of different factors based on the requirements of a specific destination.
It still sounds like fun though ... and something I'd love to have a shot at myself! (I used to be an intrepid explorer before I had to become sensible.)


Ted Mahsun said...

Travelling to write sounds like so much fun... but I would never do it... I could never stand the pressure! Also, have read lots of horror stories on travel writers' blogs... :D

Chet said...

I hope some travel publisher is planning a publication just for senior citizens. That market is growing, or maybe it's already thriving, but in any case, it has lots of potential. It also has special needs different from the usual travellers.

bibliobibuli said...

ted - i've done some crazy travelling but didn't write it (wish i had, might do yet) ... but you're right about the pressure

chet - yes that does sound like a book someone should write. you?? if you think you have a good book idea why not approach a publisher?

Ted Mahsun said...

Sharon, you've still got time! Write while you can! :D

Eternal Wanderer said...

It'll be such a dream job to work, travel, take photos and write for Lonely Planet! I try to learn to write in as many styles of writing as much as possible in my line as a journalist. Hopefully I can do a real travel story for real!