Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How Jamilah Became an Author

Jamilah Samian wrote to me the other day to tell me about her new book on parenting; Cool Mum Super Dad.

Now parenting ain't my thing (I've no kids of my own though I reckon I've done more than my fair share of next generation bringing up by being a teacher!) but I do appreciate from my short spells of auntydom just how tough and important the job is. Mind you teachers and aunties have it easy because they can hand the kids back at the end of the day. Mums and dads don't have that luxury.

Jamilah has had plenty of experience of parenting - she's brought up six kids, and had to juggle motherhood with a variety of lifestyles: she's been variously a senior employee in a multinational organisation, a fulltime stay-at-home parent, a successful home-based entrepreneur, and an expatriate spouse in the Middle East. If she's survived all that and come out smiling - she should know what she's talking about!

For me, though, the most interesting part of Jamilah's website is the section where she talks about how she became an author (and clearly the support of husband Ahmad Salahuddin has been very important). There are also links to Jamilah's published travel articles.

Wish you all the best with your book, Jamilah.

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