Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two Must-See Things

Don't forget. Francesca Beard performs 28 - 30th September at KLPac:
Chinese Whispers is a show about identity, set in London, at the start of the 21st century, in a city where daily, over 300 languages are spoken, arguably the most multicultural city in the world. It asks the questions:

'Who am I? Where are you from? Why are we here? What makes us laugh? and Which would you rather be, Hamlet or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?'

"This babelicious city where daily, more than 300 languages are spoken"...

"In Britain today, it's all about your roots, your identity, but there's banana bio yoghurts over there who've got more live culture than me. I've got to get out of this place!"

"We spoke English at home, not because my dad was the big white chief but because English is what you speak when you're all from different places, and in my family we were all strangers, I mean emotionally it was like the bar in Star Wars"...

"So, where could we go from here? We could go anywhere - To the palace of the Jade Emperor, in the rainforest with ipecucuana. Right here, now, me and you, we could open the door, to something new, something no-one else has ever seen before!"
And also worth catching is the latest offering by exciting young theatre group The Oral Stage:

original short plays and monologues performed within one hour.

“Two friends discover faith, direction and the truth. An actress whom we all like to hate. A bitter past haunts a bitterer couple. A girl finds beauty in ugliness. A man and a woman make love over dinner. A fellow Malaysian makes the country proud. And a group of roommates bring back the dead- all within fiftynineminutes

When September 28th - October 1st 2006 @ 8.30 pm

Where The Dram Projects, BG06 Happy Mansion Apartments, Jalan 17/13 46400 PJ

Tickets RM10

Ticket contact Louisa Low @ 0163757833

And I'm going to be away and miss them both ...


Anonymous said...

"Who am I?"

Good question, I'll tell you when I find out.

"Where are you from?"

No clue. I only know where they say I'm from, where they say I was born, where they say I grew up etc. But no, I have no idea where I'm truly from.

"Why are we here?"

Well, where else would we be ?

"What makes us laugh?"

Angsty proclamations, stuff we can identify with.

"and Which would you rather be, Hamlet or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"

That's a tough one. Hamlet isn't too bad looking, but Buffy is cuter. Buffy probably has better lines though :)

Eternal Wanderer said...

I was fortunate to catch the Saturday night show of 59minutes. It was really, really good, particular the one short play where Sharanya Mannivannan acted in and also the one that drew the most laughs, a witty play called "The World's Smelliest Durian".

And they really managed to get the play done in 59 minutes! Bravo to The Oral Stage group for a job well done!

bibliobibuli said...

so sorry i missed it ...