Friday, October 06, 2006

Not Just Pretty Faces

Wah! Our Dina gets described as a "glamorous young writer" in this article about the rise of Asian literature in The Age, which talks about:
... a new breed of Asian writer is aiming to turn pages with writing inspired by distinctly Asian issues: such as the repression of women, the politics of the hijab, political dissidence and eastern mythology.

Here's our Dina* (left) with precocious Indonesian talent Vira Safitri (whose story has already been enviously (?) chronicled by Ted).

I wrote some time ago about how beautiful the most popular Indonesian female writers are, and it seems that Vira has the right credentials in that department too! As does of course Lakshmi Pamuntjak snapped here at her book launch.

*Since pea-brained-hormonally challenged gonks have the habit of stealing Dina's pictures from my blog and posting them on obscene websites, (it being apparently the only recourse that threatened masculinity can take when confronted with a free-spirited, open-minded individual like Dina) I give her the right to ask me to take this picture down. (But I hope she doesn't ... .) This incidentally was an issue that we discussed in a panel session on blogging at Ubud. (More on that later.)


Dina said why can't I draw a moustache on her picture. Anything to oblige, my friend.


Lydia Teh said...

Sharon, thanks for posting the events and pix. Very enlightening.

It's nice to hear of pretty faces with substance making it in the publishing industry.

(Be gone, you green-eyed alien! Scoot! Scram!)

bibliobibuli said...

me am green-eyed too, lydia ... the best i can hope to look is ... interesting

lil ms d said...

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sharonnnnnn

hello - next to lakhsmi and vira how can i be considered as such??? pre menopausal, broke, tak laku, die die die laaaaa!

can you draw a moustache on my pix? :D

bibliobibuli said...

of course i can. no probs. (but suddenly you've started to look like the visitor!)

anyway the jakarta post said you're glam so i guess that makes it official.

lil ms d said...

heheheh actually i do look good with a misai and beard. sharon, do email me the bali photos!

er, i meant for you to conteng my face - photo with vira....

dreamer idiot said...

Wah, aren't they hot! (hahaha, can't believe I said that)

Go girls! (the 'emancipation' of women is also the 'emancipation' of men) (lil ms d, yes, u r still young and glam as the jakarta post puts it)

Eliza said...

Dina - habis you - there'll be more obscene sites in your name after this! :-O

Sharon - that's itlah - I cannot write. I am not young or hot or glam. And that Lakshmini woman is damn gorgeous - urgh, if only genes were made equal!