Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Other Malaysia

So we crammed into the backroom of Raman's shop yesterday evening (many didn't even make it into that inner sanctuary, and had to stand outside - such was the press of the crowd) to hear Farish and friends (his self-confessed fans Mac Zulkifli and Yusseri Yusoff who bring their techie know-how to the site). The Other Malaysia promises to be an extremely interesting place to hang out.

Many of Farish's articles and columns are posted there already, and the site is set to grow as projects take off and contributions from "young researchers, scholars and activists" flow in. It is a site with a mission, which aims to stir up debate and act as a resource "for those who wish to learn more about Malaysia’s complex and plural history".

And to me it illustrates one of the best and nost exciting things about the internet - that writers are prepared to make significant effort to put valuable content into the public domain ... and for free. Thank you.

The event was also a great occasion also to meet friends and gossip with like-minded souls and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.


dreamer idiot said...

This is great.... we need more civic and 'alternative' discourse in this nation to contest, counter and engage with the hegemony of the 'truth' regimes.

Sharanya Manivannan said...

Is that backroom so small so that the crowd invariably looks huge? ;)

Missed this one, although I'd have liked to have come..

Anyway, did a fiction writing meme, and have tagged you!

bibliobibuli said...

glad you're enthusiastic dreamer idiot. and another miracle of the internet is you don't have to be over here to participate in this!

sharanya - bad girl. but okay ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

Some pictures of the talk:


Anonymous said...

i was thrilled to hear farish speak, since i've read his articles for quite awhile and have always admired his ability to "stick his neck out," as he says. he was charming and intelligent, and i found his enthusiasm very engaging... it would be great if the website really takes off with contributions from the general public.

sharanya - you should have been there!

sharon, i've been reading your blog for awhile now and saw you over there... i was the frizzy-haired girl in glasses, in the white top. (ok, how else can i describe myself? brown?) maybe i was staring at you... "oh my god, that's sharon bakar, Very Important Blogger!" hopefully i smiled...


animah said...


Cool. I especially like the one of the young and upcoming human rights activist with her nose deep in a book.

Thanks very much, from the proud mom.

Apparently Farish did not mind not being the most photographed object that day.

Anonymous said...


She is very photogenic, the young and upcoming hractivist (a future Malaysian Arundhati Roy?)...


bibliobibuli said...

very many thanks irman!

subashini - next time come and say hello! nothing in the world i like better than talking to people! agree with you about farish's enthusiasm ... isn't enthusiasm a rare quality!!

animah - that little activist will go far!

bibliobibuli said...

just looked at the photos irman - great portraits - i love black and white

Anonymous said...

I like this one (shameless, yes...):

It's like ol' Bill is saying 'oi, what you on about, then?'


bibliobibuli said...

i like the angle you took them from too. i would love to post some of them upfront - may i?

Anonymous said...


Spread the joy around :) My photos are all freeware.