Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Reviews of Local Books

Local writers, publishers - you might be interested in this message that Dina Zaman sent to me yesterday:
Hi, I'm with a new magazine, and I would appreciate it if you could furnish me with your titles, books and publications for reviews and to be featured. We want to feature more local titles - support the industry! - so if you have titles or know of books and authors that deserve to be featured, give me a shout.
Please can you pass the message on to anyone who might be interested? Dina can be contacted at:
dinazaman at tell dot com dot my


boo_licious said...

Incidentally, what happened to her blog? It's dissapeared from the address I got from here long ago, has it been relocated or she's no longer blogging?

bibliobibuli said...

she's no longer blogging boo_licious becasue she's decided to concentrate on the book she's writing. so sad though. i love her blog.