Monday, November 06, 2006

Congrats, Dina!

Biggest congrats to Dina Zaman who was awarded the DaimlerChrysler Red Ribbon Media (New Media) Award last night at the Red Ribbon Gala for her essay on Islam and AIDs published in her I Am Muslim column for Malaysiakini. She revealed to this blogger in an exclusive e-mail interview that she's off to South Africa at the end of the month on a research study trip to study and write about AIDs and NGOs. We're proud!

Here's Dina with the other prize winners (second from right).


animah said...

Its been two days and no one has congratulated Dina yet? Sharon, it's cos you haven't put her photo up!

Congrats Dina. I'm not sure what the Daimler-Chrysler Red Ribbon means, but all I can say is your articles are very gutsy, making statements that many Muslim women feel but are afraid of saying in case of being branded sesat, or worse an apostate.

It gives the rest of us a little more bravery in coming forward and voicing our thoughts.

How long will you be in South Africa?

The Eternal Wanderer said...

Congrats to Dina! She's a shining example to many in this land where AIDS sufferers are still discriminated against! Hope she'll one day write a book on her experience in Africa!

sympozium said...

Take care in South Africa. It
s not the safest place in the world, especially if you're going to be in Joburg. Oh, and DO find out what the Health Minister Manto Sha-na-na's prescription cure for AIDS is - it's a pathetic joke.

bibliobibuli said...

i have her photo ... and she looks gorgeous ... but she doesn't want it up, so what to do?

Sufian said...

Syabas, tahniah etc etc

Leon Wing said...

Congrats Dina. Sorry to take until now, in the wake of so many people. My mind has been elsewhere - with my mews(!) I have been busy trying to get my 4 cats adopted. So far a relief: 2 were just adopted last night. Relief but still having this malaise missing them.

midnite lily said...

congrats Dina! ^_^

lil ms d said...

thank you :)

aiyah, i forgot to suck in my guts!

anyway, dear all: don't quote me ok, but a little bird told me that a big huge international broadcasting company based in klcc is looking for stories, and if you're good, they'll commission your production.

which means they want you. if you have malaysian stories/programmes that have a global appeal, approach them.

this also means that i will be promoting YOU when i meet my friends there. so don't be surprised if you get a call, ha ha.

and if you're wondering if they have an Islamist agenda, fear not. it's international :)

so apa mau malu? hang out in klcc and grab them by their ankles! if you dont ask you wont get.

i told one to find out more about book bans and promoted sharon's blog :))

i'll korek more ok?

bibliobibuli said...

oooh ms d, sounds interesting. but i'm so lazy and untogether these days i'm not sure i could face anything like real work anymore. the only thing i really like doing is blogging and no-one's gonna pay me for that!

What's that rot about not sucking your stomach in? you got problems?

Anonymous said...

The only part of hers that sticks out is.. and that's not a bad thing I think :)