Friday, November 17, 2006

Make a Date with Malika

More great live lit! The British Council are bringing in Malika Booker:
... writer, spoken word and multidisciplinary artist, whose work spans literature, education and cross-arts.
Malika will be performing her work and conducting workshops in Klang Valley from 22 to 24 November. Events are as follows:
British Council brings another night of Spoken Word, jointly presented for the second time with the Troubagangers featuring performances by Malika Booker alongside several Malaysian writers and poets.

Date 22 November 2006
Venue No Black Tie, 17 Jalan Mesui off Jalan Nagasari, KL
Time 9.00p.m.
Admission RM5 at the door

We are working with those talented people from Project OMG to bring you Soul Food. Come sample some homemade Malaysian spoken word served with a dash of British Caribbean flavouring, straight out from Malika’s Kitchen! Watch as participants from Malika’s performance poetry workshop step up and dish it out.

Date 24 November 2006
Venue Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor (next door to Dram Projects)

Malika Booker will be holding two workshops for aspiring poets and performers and another for trainee teachers.

By invitation only.

Date 23 November 2006
Venue Universiti Malaya
Time 10.00a.m. – 4.00p.m.

Date 24 November 2006
Venue Dram Projects, BG-6, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Time 2.00p.m. – 7.30p.m.

For more information on any of the events above, email us at

Time 9.00p.m. – 11.00p.m.
Admission Free


bookfetish said...

Totally unrelated to the topic.

U might want to drop by Atria. Big Bookshop is having a clearance sale. I ended up 300 plus poorer, and the damage is as follows:-

Sophie Kinsella - Shopaholic & Sister
Tash Aw - Harmony Silk Factory
Edward P Jnones - Rhe Known World
Bill Bryson - Made in America
Amitav Ghosh - The Hungry Tide
Bill Bryson - Down Under
Haruki Murakami - Kafka on the Shores
Bill Bryson - Notes from A Big Country
Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood
Hilary Mantel - Beyond Black
Robin Hobb - Forest Image (your fellow Blogger "Mata-Mata" drool over her, I guess it's worth the risk)
Robin Hobb - Shamen Crossing
chuck palahniuk - Haunted
Amy Tan - Saving Fish From Drowning
Julian Barnes - Arthur & George
Haruki Murakami - The Wind-up Bird Chronocle
Bill Bryson - Notes from a small island
Bruce Chatwin - In Pategonia
Chuck Palahniuk - Non Fiction
Audrey Niffenegger - Time Traveler's Wife
Sophie Kinsella - Undomestic Goddess
Bill Bryson - A short history of nearly everything
Salman Rushdie - Satanic Verses
Chuck Palahniuk - Fight club..

These are not dust covered paperback but as crisp as those in Borders. I'm tempted to go back for a second round but too broke!!!

bibliobibuli said...

just what i need!!!! i was just dreaming of a warehous sale this weekend.

Lynn said...

I was just reading your post on Louis L'Amour dated the 13th of April, in which you included his reading list...and the only book that I have read, sadly, seems to be A Woman Of No Importance by Oscar Wilde.

I am a bibliophile too - I love your blog by the way; it's really informative! - and I was wondering whether you could recommend any books for teenagers?

I am aware that there are many good books sold in bookshops, but I'm kind of confused about which books I should read...and prices are going ridiculously high now.

Thank you!

bibliobibuli said...

hi lynn - really nice to hear from you. i think the thing about louis l'amour's list (and the reason i posted it) is that it shows how much a writer should read and how broadly

i think a lot of people feel as you do, lost when they go into a bookshop. what's good? what's not? what should i be reading?

i really do feel that bookshops, libraries and teachers have a responsibility to help young people find their way through

i will try to find some good lists of teen fiction for you and post them

patlow said...

will we be seeing you at the spoken word gig at food foundry? ;)

bibliobibuli said...

oh yes. how can i not come and cheer you on?

Anonymous said...

bookfetish - Wow! Thanks for the info!... I'm rushing over there today. Weird, Big Bookshop in Atria is the LAST place I think about when it comes to buying books (if you know what I mean)

bibliobibuli said...

should be the first!! ... i just staggered back with 2 bags full. too exhausted to blog at the moment. but no need to rush - it's on till end dec and much of the stock is till in boxes. nothing is going to run out.