Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Message from Animah

Dear Friends,

I am writing a play set at the time of the destruction of the A'Famosa Fort in Melaka 200 years ago. The play, Melaka '07, is one of several new works by brand new playwrights. It is still work in progress and about two thirds of the play will be read at a Public Reading, next Friday 17th November at STOR Theatre, Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. The other play read on the same night is "AirCon" by Shanon Shah. ...

The purpose of the reading is to help us playwrights in terms of further improving our works. So I would be very happy if you could come that night, listen to the actors read out their lines, and then give feedback. Don't hold back in your comments, don't worry about upsetting me. I would appreciate honest feedback.

This has been and hopefully will continue to be an exciting process for me.

There will be further details in the next issue of The Edge and this Sunday's StarMag.


Am so proud of you, girl!

Here's the information form the FIRSTWoRKS flyer:


Theatre reminds us of the importance of seeking the histories of people and to tell them. To offer alternative narratives and create different fictions from the ones imposed on us by monolithic cultures.

FIRSTWoRKS is a programme devoted to discovering these new fictions and to nurturing the process of discovery and creation.

Through writing workshops, forums, seminars and classes as well as a system of mentoring FIRSTWoRKS hopes to encourage writers who have something to say and to use theatre as their (possibly) divine medium.

On 17 and 18 November, the works in progress of four (out of the seven) writers, who were teamed up with professional directors, dramaturgs and actors as part of the 2006 programme, will be staged at STOR Theatre.

The plays are in various stages of completion. Introducing the works of Animah Kosai (Melaka ’07), Arun Subramaniam (Hero), Raha Yusoff (Through A Glass, Darkly), and Shanon Shah (Air Con). Directed by Zalfian Fuzi and Jo Kukathas. Featuring Chacko Vadaketh, Fish, Mano Maniam, Na’a Murad, Joanna Bessey, Patrick Teoh, Shahredza Minhat, and Sukania Venugopal.

Date Time 17 & 18 November 2006 8:30pm Admission FREE Venue STOR Theatre, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka

PLAY MAKING WORKSHOP FIRSTWoRKS is a programme aimed at discovering Malaysian writers with different voices and visions. Do you have a story to tell? Or a need to re-tell or re-invent the fictions that surround you? Are you looking for a way to bring these alternative fictions to the stage?

Our one-day workshop is on making plays. It is open to experienced writers as well as emerging writers/directors who want to write for theatre or to know more. A selected number of participants from the workshop will be considered for our FIRSTWoRKS Writers ’07 programme.

Conducted by Jo Kukathas and Zaflian Fuzi Date Time 18 November 2006 10-5pm Admission RM 50 (workshop fee & lunch) Venue STOR Theatre, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka For enquiries/registration call (03) 2148 5192 or email:

Those interested are requested to attend the two days of play-readings. There will be a briefing for participants at the end of the Day 1 of the readings.

Deadline for registration: 16 November 2006 FIRSTWoRKS is a series conceived by Instant Café to bring new work to the stage. FIRSTWoRKS is run with the generous support of HSBSC in the Arts, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and UNESCO’s International Fund for the Promotion of Culture.
(Pic of Animah and her muse Sarah by Irman Noor)


Sufian said...

Syabas! Tahniah etc etc.

lil ms d said...

lovely! we look forward to the play!

and that's a lovely photo...

now if only we can see more of them, irman took loads that day!

bibliobibuli said...

he has put the url's in the comments on the post about the event ms d - inc. some of you.

animah said...

Eeee... Takuuuut....

bibliobibuli said...

why animah? shall come and support you ... along with rent-a-mob rain storms willing