Monday, November 13, 2006

Readings Rock On!

Ahah! You were wondering where Readings had got to, weren't you? One month off for Hari Raya and the open house season, and you thought I'd lost the plot among the ketupat and nasi impit or absconded with all that lovely wine. Not at all. Readings rock on!

I've shifted the date a wee bit, organiser's privilege I'm afraid. Bernice always organised the meetings for the third week of the month, I'm shifting it back a week because MPH Writer's Circle is on the 3rd Saturday and I'm involved in that too (especially now that Oon Yeoh has pulled out.) I've found it stressful to rush from one to the other and I want to fully enjoy both. Hope no-one minds too much.

This then is the blogvertisement to be broadcast far and near:
"Readings" Rock On!

The next "Readings" in our monthly series will be held next Saturday, 25th November 2006, with the aim of showcasing local writers and encouraging new talent. We have a very exciting and varied line-up for you, so come and join us for an afternoon of words, wit and wine!

Reading this time:

Jit Murad (really!)
Saras M. Manickam
Christopher Yin
Eileen Lui
Nizam Zakari

Time: 3.30pm
Date: 25th November 2006
Place: 67, Lorong Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden, Bangsar (for directions and map check

"Readings" was initiated by Bernice Chauly, is currently organized by Sharon Bakar, and made possible by the gracious sponsorship of Seksan from 67 Tempinis Satu and La Bodega.

Sharon Bakar hp: 012-6848835 - -

Could you please pass on this information to anyone you think might like to come along?


The Angry Medic said...

Oh curses, it just so happens I can't jump on a plane and get to Bangsar from halfway across the world in time for that.(And it's because I'll be appearing in a stage adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Maskerade that night, but I digress.)

You guys should start a podcast for deprived faraway people like me, Sharon :)

bibliobibuli said...

that's a really good idea, angry medic! (gosh, you have brilliance as well as great looks) ... good luck with your play and don't forget to blog it

Nizam said...

Actually having a podcast is not too bad of an idea :)

bibliobibuli said...

it's a great idea but i don't know how to do it! pls help someone!

Alex Tang said...

try the following links

Sharanya Manivannan said...

If I do come, it'll be late -- Nov 25 afternoon is kinda booked up for me (will mail you about that -- am very excited!).

Natasya said...

Yay cant wait! (am thinking of bringing some munchies)

lil ms d said...

wont be around, will be in SA :)

good luck to everyone and have fun!

bibliobibuli said...

thanks alex - i have been reading and now i wonder how much it would cost me ...

sharanya - sounds exciting and mysterious

natasya - yes please!

ms d - i know!

Leon Wing said...

Sharon, no need to do an actual podcast really. If your digital cam can also shoot movie clips, you can then post them on YouTube and make a link in your blog.

bibliobibuli said...

i know leon and was thinking the same thing

trouble is the light is not that great and the image probably won't be that sharp

the videoing takes up a lot of memory too but i shall experiment

the other problem - video is v. slow to download compared to a podcast. i am exploring and maybe it won't happen in a rush but this technophobe will get there with some help from her friends!!

Leon Wing said...

The other problem could be audio, too. If the readers don't read loud enough you might just get echoey sounds in your video.

You have streamyx, unless, like everyone using it, it is still slow for downloading the vids.

Yes, you'd need a 1 or 2GB card.

See you at the reading soon!