Friday, December 15, 2006

Be Fab - BAFAB!

Came across the BAFAB website in during my perambulations, and it's such a nice meme-ish thing I thought I might climb on board too.

The site is the brain child of lit-blogger Debra Hamel. It urges visitors to buy books "for no good reason" and pass them on during Buy a Friend a Book Week (held in the first weeks of January, April, July, and October) to spread the joy of books and promote friendship. There are some cool stickers to slap on your blog to show you're taking part.

Your reward? Great bookish karma, of course. And warm fuzzies of the heart.


sympozium said...

Great idea...But where can I buy people some Manners & Courtesy. I know a lot of people who could do with some of these. :-)

dreamer idiot said...

Wow... that's very much in line behind the spirit of Christmas too ('tis the season), giving and sharing. What better too, for instead of a staid, plain materiality, one gives something that has the potential of touching either the mind or the heart.

Desr Sharon, your book-loving and promoting ways have indeed warmed our tropical hearts during this cold and rainy time of the year, and as for the many 'seasons' of the previous years, so then for the many more to come, bless your soul! Fuzzies all the way (to the tune of jingle bells?) :)

Sufian said...

So, is the Payless Sale worth going?

Azwan said...

But we bookcrossers have been doing just that (and more)! We are not only giving away books to friends but also to strangers! Go to

bibliobibuli said...

sympozium - nice idea. wonder how the folks in question would react?

dreamer idiot - thanks for kind words!

sufian - yeah, i had fun. just looking for my camera and then i'll post my pictures.

azwan - yes, you're quite right. i guess the difference is that this is a bit more targeted - you choose the book and choose the friend, whereas book crossing relies a little on fate ... but whaterver gets books is a much good thing

Debra Hamel said...

Thanks for the mention, Sharon!

bibliobibuli said...

hi debra - welcome! such a great idea. hope it catches on!