Friday, December 08, 2006

Dear Diary

Now this story might be more suited to Ripley's Believe It or Not than my blog.

I came across this wonderful story on the Kircher Society's website [via and via] of Robert Shields, a man who kept a diary for twenty years detailing every single thing that happened to him in entries written at five minute intervals. (A sample page of his diary can be found here, and the scary thing is how riveting it is!)

It is, of course, the longest diary in the world, and Shields has give the diary to Washington State University Library along with a $100,000 charitable trust to ensure that it will be cared for.

There is much such bizarro stuff on the Kircher Society's blog, I know I'm going to be wasting a lot of time there!


Shiny Blue Black said...

That's crazy.

I feel like downing a whole bottle of nitroglycerine after reading that.

ireneQ said...

Was he an invalid or something? I would never be able to do that -- I'm out of the house most of the time! (And I don't think my boss would take it too kindly if I were to stop work every 15 minutes to write down what I'd just done!)

sympozium said...

One's advice to him : "Get a Life"...

animah said...

Sympozium, that is (was?) his life. And now he is immortal. Is what he did better than the rest of us who run around being very busy, and yet have nothing recorded after we are gone?
Sorry - reading the "restricted" Immortality - this book really sets you thinking. That's why its a great threat to the morality of the Malaysian public.

Anonymous said...

Nothing recorded ? people I know have living wills, have contributed to society in a positive way, have made the world a better place because of what they did. But no, I guess they didn't write all of that down, so it can't have been any good :P

Um, he's not immortal, he's dead. Only his log is, and even that I don't know. It's not exactly Shakespeare. I mean, it's boring. I mean, do people really read that stuff ? what if I put up a blog detailing every five minutes, no two minutes, or better still make it one minute.

2:48 I type this post
2:49 I finish typing this post
2:50 I type this sentence

I mean, seriously, what a waste of a life. It's his to waste though I guess, but wow. :)

Actually I don't know, I might decide to detail my life every ten seconds. What do you guys think ? :) I might end up with the longest blog ever, then I'll be "immortal" as Animah says :)

I don't think it's riveting, for women maybe, bet most guys would find it boring as all heck :P

bibliobibuli said...

actually he isn't dead but he had a stroke

yes, probably women are nosier about other lives. but the utter banality and triviality is in itself fascinating.

FBT said...

My gosh, I thought I was autistic! The sad thing is I'm thinking that I should try that. In fact, I'm going to try it today on my blog. Right now.

sympozium said...

3.15 - have itch in my balls.
3.20 - gave in and gave them a vigorous scratch. Gaaaawd it feels so good. Why do people find it so offensive? It's only natural.
3.25 - feel hungry. All that scratching...I wonder how many calories I burned?
3.30 - balls itchy again.

sympozium said...

3.40 - balls still itchy.

bibliobibuli said...

17.10 laughing myself stupid and feeling guilty that i'm sitting here and not helping my poor cleaning lady put up the curtains. feeling very sweaty and wondering if i should tip my lazy self out the house for a walk.

animah said...

Who are we to judge what a waste of life is? We should ask ourselves whether we are happy with what we are doing. If the answer is no, then we are wasting our life (at the present time). Maybe he was happy doing it. If he was, then he led a fulfilling life and did not waste it.

bibliobibuli said...

true, animah. he has a chieved a kind of immortality too.

17.23 rushing round to tidy up before my cleaning lady sees the mess

Anonymous said...

1.02 Wonder why she has a cleaning lady if she has to clean up the mess. Always thought that cleaning ladies cleaned up messes.

1.03 Tell her there are less banal ways to achive immortality.

Well so have you, and me, and pretty much everyone else on the net, and not so boringly banally (it's a word, I swear) either :)

I think he might have started a fad.

Anonymous said...

Last post : Any evidence that the guy's still alive ? the Kircher Society says "if he's still alive" like they don't know if he is.

bibliobibuli said...

yes, anon, someone says so in the comments. scroll down.