Monday, December 18, 2006

Poet Mong-Lan at Indie Scene Cafe

Award-winning poet Mong-Lan performed yesterday in the intimate space of Indie Scene Cafe.

We kicked off and ended with a few open mic readers:, Jasmine Low (below), KG, Sharanya, and meself ('cos i knew Jasmine wouldn't let me run away from it again!).

While Antonio Banderas look-alike flamenco guitarist Nick Razman strummed chords to capture the duende of the poems, Mong Lan read from her two collections Song of the Cicadas and Why is the Edge Always Windy ... and a series of love poems to cafe au lait, green tea, spinach, red chilli and taufu!

I had told the audience about Mong-Lan's expertise in the tango, and how she wowed the crowds by dancing at Ubud Festival. Now since Nick doesn't play tango, Jasmine asked "Can you dance flamenco for us?" And you know, she did just that!

After the performance I went to have dinner with Mong-Lan and husband Joe. We went exploring for a little local colour and found it plentifully in Jalan Alor. The seafood was excellent
and Mong-Lan fell in love with yet another dish: kangkung belachan. Expect a poem about it soon!

I was admiring Joe's artistic tie, and it turnss out that Mong-Lan hand paints all his ties!

I recorded Mong-Lan's poem Overhearing Water from her second collection so even if you weren't there, you can have a little taste!

P.S. Don't forget to check the Doppelganger website for news of more events organised by Jasmine.


Encaitar said...

Dear Mdm Sharon,
From your blog I understand that you are some sort of a teacher and reviewer. If
so, can you please read some of my works? They can be found at the links given
I love to write during my spare time, but it is frustrating to note that I rarely get
any constructive comments at all from my readers. Most of my family members
and friends, too, can't seem to help much as they are not very literate in English.
As a Sabahan writer, this can be a depressing thing as I know not of any others
who shared the same passion in literature. I hope you can give some comments
and criticism if you can. All of the things I've written are listed at my blog,
I really hope that you can help me. Thank you.

animah said...

Mdm Sharon,
What did you say your hourly rate was again?

Sufian said...

Hi sharon, the cover for Elarti is ready!

kG said...

I loved the evening, loved your poems and loved Mong Lan's oh so very smooth style of performance very much. So, who're you bringing in next Sharon? ;-)

animah said...

I like the cover! It looks like the sort of photo Sara takes when she's not reproducing Miro. I must show you her portfolio.
Where's the photo of the Antonio Bandera look-alike. You can't just mention him and then not out up a photo.
From a Flamenco Guitarist Groupie

bibliobibuli said...

encaitur - drop me your e-mail and i'll talk to you. there are so mnay lonely writers out there ... a topic i must blog about

animah - LOL!

and sorry i didn't take a picture of nick. silly me! will ask jasmine.

kG - many thanks ... i always tell writers that if they are dropping by in malaysia they should come and do a reading ... mong-lan was just the first to take me up on it!

Encaitar said...

My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Er.. can you dange the tango alone ? I wasn't aware that you could do that :)

Anonymous said...

I should take the first two picture and put them somewhere with the caption "Which one do you think is Malaysian" ? :)

bibliobibuli said...

thanks encaitar

anon - nope you can't tango alone but mong-lan's husband joe tangos beautifully too

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