Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Resourcing the Story

Last year I pointed the way to a website which supported Britain's Save our Short Story Campaign. The site has now been redesigned and renamed, and if you are at all interested in writing in this genre, you must bookmark which offers:
... a range of short story information, articles, reviews, commentary, events and prizes and of course some fabulous short stories. You can now read the five stories shortlisted for the 2006 National Short Story Prize on the site and a fabulous article by Prize judge William Boyd ‘A Short History of the Short Story’. And our new very short story which you will find at the top of the home page was commissioned by Small Wonder Short Story Festival from James Lasdun, this year’s National Short Story Prize winner. And if you’re looking for new or indeed old directions for your own reading you can also check out our 75 Great Short Stories list. How many have you read? What stories are missing?
You can also buy from them short story collections published in the UK.

Is the short story in Britain still as imperiled? Looks like it's fighting back valiantly, and the fact a short story collection won a major UK prize this year has undoubtedly given the form a great boost and made both the public and booksellers more aware of its potential.

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