Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here, Not Here, Here, Not Here ... HERE!

First she blogged with so much humour and charm that I got hooked and wanted to emulate her (though knew I couldn't come near) ... and that's how I came to be here in the first place.

And then she didn't blog 'cos she got hacked and decided that the strangeness of cyberspace and some of its denizens (the hormonally-challenged "brainless gonks") were all too much for her.

And then, after a while, she blogged again, and we were all so glad to see her back, and I laughed my head off over one post about how guys see themselves, which was a classic.

And then one day the whole blog vanished. No time for it, she said. Got to earn a living.

Guess what? The lady's back with a new blog she says is just to promote her book which is coming out in March, ... but we know that really she can't stay away.

Go visit!

(In this post she says I am a brand. I am confused. I am just a muddle, really, fighting to make sense to myself.)


Alex Tang said...


being considered a 'brand' is better than being an 'icon' :)

bibliobibuli said...

is it? i'd like to be an icon!

but first i got described as looking like a book, and then sharanya described me as a matriach ... who am i???

the most fun description of me was in one of my students essays "miss sharon is big and friendly. just like big bird". hope i'm not yellow too?

Chet said...

Probably a little bit yellow on the inside. After all, you are in Malaysia, wat.

As for Sharon Bakar the brand, it's because your name brings to mind certain thoughts.

Some brands and the thoughts they bring up:

Bata = school (First to Bata, then to school was a much chanted advertising phrase from my childhood)

Milo = sports

And Sharon Bakar?

Sharon Bakar = books and reading

A combined image from all the different images you've mentioned:

A matriarchal looking Big Bird wearing reading glasses in a rocking chair with an oversized book in large print on her lap. Yes, Big Bird has changed sex!

*please don't hit me*

bibliobibuli said...


Eliza said...

Sharon - better Big Bird than "Miss Doraemon", which is what one of my relatives had been called by nephews! Aiyah, you're much better looking than Big Bird, and with better hair!
As for being a brand, well, I'd agree that your name has become synonymous with books, reading, literature, writing, government policies regarding the above,..you get the drift. So it's all good!
You're a great teacher and mentor, but I wouldn't use the matriarch label on someone younger than 70 (unless she's my Mom of course)!

bibliobibuli said...

thanks eliza - though i could envy big bird's hair (feathers). sharanaya is such a young slip of a thing (21) she probably sees me as an ancient monument.

am headed rapidly for crumblydon, but hope to save the world before i get there!

am actually much tickled being a brand. shall offer myself in cans.

Chet said...

Now that's another word to add to the "Sharon Bakar" definition - monument!

I'd like a dozen cans of Sharon Bakar, please.

lil ms d said...

hahaha sharon sharon...

you really underestimate yourself. people know of you, who you are. now work that for the benefit of literacy and literature in this country lah!

someone should give you a tv show. actually, if i cna figure out how to do video streaming, i'd create a show of you, your cats, abu and books on your blog.

does anyone here know how to do so?

dey, do this ah... ad money will roll in... ikea for shelves... mph.... sony vaio laptops... mont blanc...

think about it :D

bibliobibuli said...

abu??? on tv??? when all he does it grouch???

actually ms d, all i wanna do is hide from people apart from my friends ... and have endless parties with booklovers. don wan fame.

money for bookcases is a different matter. but must be teak.

Anonymous said...

Hey, all House does is grouch, and he's popular. And all I do is... okay but I'm just the exception that proves the rule :)

bibliobibuli said...

my hubby takes house as his role-model

what fun it would be to put them together and see who out grouches who