Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Poetically Yours

Do check out latest posts on our Puisy-Poesy blog. A polluted river is the subject of Cecil Rajendra's Death of a Village. We find the sentiments laudable ... but is it good poetry? Giant Sotong guest-blogs Tennyson's rousing Charge of the Light Brigade and finds interesting parallels with the situation in Iraq. Dreamer Idiot makes some poetic new year's resolutions. And me? I'm just a tad late with my Christmas greetings (or simply eleven months early?) but I can wish you a very Heppy Hoppy Hippy Happy New Year with this delightful poem by "Glaswegian poet-laureate" Edwin Morgan.

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midnite lily said...

happy 2007 sharon! here's to more books & more time to read (& write)! ^_~