Wednesday, January 31, 2007

“Readings” goes International!

Beat those mid-week blues! Come and hear an exciting line-up of poets and authors from the UK, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore at Central Market Annex next Wednesday night.


Louise Doughty (UK)

Roger Robinson (UK)

Tan Twan Eng (Malaysia)

Dina Zaman (Malaysia)

Kam Raslan (Malaysia)

Isagani R.Cruz (The Philippines)

Venue: Main Gallery, 2nd Floor, Central Market Annex, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

Date: 7/2/07

Time: 8.30 p.m.

Free admission. Everyone very welcome.

Organised by Sharon Bakar with the assistance of The British Council and Central Market.

(Enquiries: sbakar at streamyx dot com - 012-6848835)

Please pass this information on to anyone you feel would be interested.


Janet said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for organising this event. Am very tempted to go! Where does one park at/near Central Market? Am not very familiar with the area.

bibliobibuli said...

i always park in bangsar and hop on the lrt straight to central market

but you can park in dayabumi

(and i will ask pang's advice later and get back to you)

Chet said...

Dayabumi has a car park and you can then walk across the bridge into Central Market.

Drive along Jalan Raja (courts to your left), all the way past the GPO, down the first slip road, turn left towards GPO loading area, and the car park entrance is somewhere around there.

Bear in mind, it's more than 5 years since I last parked there, so I could be wrong. It could like what happened on Christmas Eve when we went to Coliseum for my nephew's birthday dinner and I directed my brother-in-law to the car park just in front of Coliseum cinema, only to find that it's no longer a car park there.

Oops, going OT. Sorry, Sharon.

sympozium said...

You can also park at Central Market's car park but it's a schlep to get there - you have to get on the road running next behind the former railway station and head into town. And getting out after may be a pain as well as you have to head into Chinatown. Best bet is to use the LRT. There is also a car park (tiny one) on the side of CM nearer to the courts, where the Bar Council Office is, facing Seng Nam Coffee Shop.

Tunku Halim said...

If you don't mind crossing the main road over to the courts, you can park at Dataran Merdeka (if it's not flooded)...oh it's an impressive line up Sharon. Wish I could make it!

Janet said...

Great, thanks for all the suggestions! Yeah driving sounds like it would be a pain but unfortunately it's what I'm used to. Will figure out best place to take LRT from.

bibliobibuli said...

janet i park at bangsar lrt because it's easy and at night it's also free

Jordan said...

Hey, last weekend's readings were pretty international too: we had Malaysia, UK, Canada...;)

Ruhayat X said...

Sharon, your Streamyx mail account must be very small cos the poster file I send keep bouncing back. Do you have a webmail address that I can send to instead?

By the way, I have the poster printed out on A3 and mounted on my office wall already. So if you decide not to use it, it will be the only print in existence. Hehehe.

Ruhayat X said...

Alternatively, you can view it here:

Amir said...

RIP Sidney Sheldon.

I've read MASTER OF THE GAME twice! (And shut up you in the back who said: "Didn't you understand it the first time?")

The opening sentence of a section: "For as long as she could remember, Eve wanted to kill her sister Alexandra."

sympozium said...

"If you want to win, you have to learn to be a Master of The Game."

Amir said...

Oh, and IF TOMORROW COMES is great too.

"She undressed slowly, dreamily, and when she was naked she put on a bright red negligee so that the blood would not show."

Both quoted from 1980s memory so may be not entirely accurate.

sympozium said...

That's almost as I remembered what Tracy Whitney's mother did on the opening pages.
"Tomorrow...if tomorrow comes..."

bibliobibuli said...

Ruhayat x - amri - i don't know what's wrong, there was v. little in my streamyx inbox and it was nowhere near full. there have been problems here with streamyx all day though and the webmail site has been redesigned too so maybe the problem is not with me ...

but you can also use sharonbakar at yahoo dot com

anyway took a look at the poster and ... yes, love it, and okay cunninglinguists et al ... very many thanks (and keep the previous version - we will use it soon)

lets go with this

pang asked for one version that could be used for a flier and one which could be printed as a poster, not sure how that works

managed to find a pic of the filippino author and am emailing it

Amir said...

I SMSed a few friends about this and one immediately replied: "You mean he's gone to The Other Side of Midnight?" and I replied "Yes, to face the Rage of Angels."

Oh, behave!

bibliobibuli said...

jordan - yes they were v. international ... as they should be,hey?

i'd better blog the sydney sheldon demise before my blog readers run away with my blog

Ruhayat X said...

Sharon, if you want I could have a clutchful of A3-sized posters done up for you and stuck on to mounting board by this weekend. They cost RM4 a piece at the print shop near my office. 3 pieces ought to be enough?

I'll see if an A1-sized one would look any good. Big sizes use inkjob technology, so not sure if the colours would be as vibrant.

bibliobibuli said...

sounds good

let me get back to pang - i think i can just email him the design and he can print it there for CM

but i do need to give BC one or two copies (for the library and for their conference venue) and they have also asked me for fliers i can leave on the library counter

i also want one for my bedroom wall

would you like to share the limelight w. me on the day, seeing you are way cooler and wittier and will melt some hearts? (praise might get me somewhere!)

Ater said...

Can you sneak some videos of the readings and Youtube them here for those abroad who are missing out? :D

Ruhayat X said...

Sharon wrote:
"would you like to share the limelight w. me on the day, seeing you are way cooler and wittier and will melt some hearts?"

Uh, no. I won't even be there. Which reminds me... could I pass a few issues of Elarti to you for sale on the night? If it's not too much trouble, that is. Or I could just ask one of the writers to go over.

bibliobibuli said...

ater - put it this way, if someone wanted to record and youtube the readings, it would be great. some writers might not want to be filmed. it is tan twan eng's first public reading, dina zaman is a little shy of getting up on stage and promoting herself anyway.

and then i'd also need british council permission for their writers ...

i have my hands full with organising everything else and will probably be in an advanced atate of panic (as i usually am!)

so ruhayat x - yes, elarti should be sold. let's find a volunteer to sell the copies and i will give it a plug on the night.

but how come you ain't coming??

Ruhayat X said...

Urm. Prior engagement. Yes, that's it.

Anyway. If you could ask Pang to provide us with a small table that would be great. Otherwise it's not practical to be carrying the mags around like a kacang puteh seller (remember them? Or are you too young to experience the gorgeous sight?)

You might want to send an invite to other independent publishers/self-publishers to sell their books, too. Then we can have book readings cum indie-book mart.

bibliobibuli said...

mr x has a date!! ;-P

i do remember kacang putih sellers.

will get a table and a willing victim to sell 'em

sympozium said...

I think you'll need everyone's permission to film and YouTube the event...

bibliobibuli said...

and that i don't have time to do

it puts an extra strain on the readers to

what i will do though when i have time is get some local writers to do a reading of their stuff and film them ... maybe rope in someone good with a camera ... swifty????

Anonymous said...

Yeah swifty, he should be able to. The time is very inconvenient for people who don't drive. Trust me, if you're a single full-time writer, you can't afford to drive (not that I'm complaining, LOL.)

bibliobibuli said...

stop complaining anon and for once actually come and participate in something you'd enjoy ...

come to central market earlier, have your dinner and a wander to enjoy the ambience

see you there

Ater said...

I understand. But perhaps--:D--someone would have an MP3 sound recorder at hand and you could Podcast this show. Authors can look as awful as they want as long as their voices ring clear! Heh.

Just a small suggestion. I'll paste the poster on my blog.