Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Reader for my Backpack!

While I was having a little panic about finding my sixth reader for tomorrow was contacted by Zhang Su Li who has a new book coming out with Marshall Cavendish. I snatched her up!

Su Li (aka Kym) is an award-winning copywriter. A Backpack and a Bit of Luck looks like a travel book with a difference, and I look forward to hearing an extract from it.

This from the back cover:
This journal is about the importance of trust, and not knowing what the hell you are doing, basically. From the stylish geriatric, to an 18th Century pickled egg of a glutton with a wooden leg, and toasting marshmallows amongst 2.5 million corpses, these stories tell of a different type of beauty, one which reveals itself only when our minds and hearts are open. It’s also about spiritual growth, and the abundance of kindness in this world. What’s attractive to the potential buyer is that this book appeals to the human spirit’s sense of freedom and adventure! Be surprised and be enticed!
If you miss the reading tomorrow (heaven forbid!), the author will also be appearing at Borders The Curve, Sat 10th March, and for those of you South of the causeway at Borders Singapore, Sat 17th March.


Anonymous said...

Anyone can be an award-winning anything. I hereby award this blog "Best Blog in the Blogosphere" award. There, now this is an award-winning blog :)

PS. I'm an award-winning poet -- I have an "Editor's Choice" award from :)

bibliobibuli said...

i'll take the best blog award then thanks :-D

anyway su li's awards are from the New York Film Festival, London International Advertising Awards, and Cannes Film Festival ... was saving space

Yvonne said...

I hope you tell Su Li this. I've been hunting for her book at major MPH stores and to no avail! Mid Valley, I Utama, Subang Parade. Why? Because only got two copies and I really don't know when the book will come in again. Isn't that lost opportunities?

bibliobibuli said...

i was also a bit confused when i tried to look online for info before

but now she has taken matters very much into her own hands and is doing her own promotion and i know the books will soon be in the shops borders being most supportive

zhang su li said...

Hi Yvonne,

Would you be by any chance be Yvonne Foong? I checked out your site, and had time to do just a cursory glance, but wow...what achievements!

I'm sorry about your frustrations, but the book will be launched officially in 2 weeks' time, and they'll be available then. If you have nothing better to do, come to Borders the Curve on Sat. 10th March, 2pm. It would be a pleasure to meet you!

take care,

su li

Joe said...

I stumbled upon the book in Popular Bookstore while looking for a last-minute birthday present, somewhere last week. I felt like being eaten alive by a vision.

Thank you, Su Li. I hope I can take you out for lunch/ dinner to pick your brain.