Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Bunch of Poetic Posies

On our poetry blog, that crazy Madcap Machinist has put together a Puisi-Poesy Valentine with a poem by Baudelaire, which you can listen to in the original sexy French.

Leon has a wonderful poem up, Singh Song! by Daljit Nagra, about a Sikh guy who runs a corner shop in a British town.

I stuck up one of Malika Booker's poems Arrival, about a man becoming a father for the first time.

And there's a lovely captured moment in Michael Ondaatje's Flight, posted by Dreamer Idiot.

Do go and enjoy. And if any of you shy guys out there woudl like to choose and write about a poem, get in touch.


Kenny Mah said...

I love her idea of "give a poem to a loved one today, or even to a stranger" ... now, which poem, and for whom?

Here's one for you, Sharon:

i love you says nothing
it doesn't tell the truth
something i don't even understand
so how could your heart be moved?

i love you says nothing
it makes a fool of me
i cannot tell you how much
i think you mean to me

i love you says nothing
no one can be truly sure
whether they are in love
or whether there is a cure

i love you says nothing
it scares the death of me
i dare not tell you how much
i feel you mean to me

i love you says nothing
but it's something i have to say
for though i may never be your knight
you will always remain my day.

*blushes* Wrote it as a teenager, as I'm sure you can tell. Still, sweetness and mushiness are allowed this one day, yes?

bibliobibuli said...

sweetness and mushiness are the order of the day, kenny, and i thank you sincerely for this. did you ever try it out to capture a loved one?

i am a horrible old cynic and the best definition of romantic love i've ever come across is that it is all about giving something you don't have to someone who doesn't exist!! = v true

but love for friends ... now that's special, and love for authors who furnish our heads and hearts with their words

Kenny Mah said...

Oh, I think I have given many times to many someones who exist only in my mind. The perfect ideal, not the real person standing before me. Alas, that is but poorly so, I know.

I guess I felt you'd be the perfect stranger (as we've not met) to share this poem with, as you have shared much of yourself around the local writing scene (something I'm only just discovering to my continued delight).

You should be all our Valentine. :)

bibliobibuli said...

you're so sweet kenny! many thanks

lil ms d said...

roses are red
violets are blue
when i tidur
i remember you.

does this count?

bibliobibuli said...

v. nice too ms d

thanks for all you valentines messages!

Sufian said...

In honour of this capitalistic holiday, I bought myself a copy of Thomas Transtromer's selection of best poems.

Remarkable poet, Mr Transtromer, every year a nobel candidate and he can change into a giant robot to fight evil.

Burhan said...

Tomas Transtromer? Greatest living poet.

Robots in disguise. Decepticons, transform!

Anonymous said...

A Sikh singer sings Singh songs ! (tongue-twisters are so out of fashion these days :P )