Friday, February 16, 2007

Elsewhere Great Online Things

I had no characters, no plot, but there were no other problems ...
says Alexander McCall-Smith, creator of The Number One Ladies Detective Agency series and the most charming private-eye ever, Madam Ramotswe. Deepika Shetty blogs wonderfully about meeting the author in Singapore. And I am so jealous I could spit!

Meanwhile, online arts newspaper Kakiseni has a profile piece up on Malaysian short story writer Keris Mas. I remember reading translations of some of his stories some years back and liking them very much, and now wish I had a copies of his books. Has anyone seen them in the shops? Funny how - and once again I say this - there is so little available information on and promotion for local publications.

Meanwhile, Yang-May Ooi, currently packing her bags to fly back here for a visit, muses about how much an author should give away of the story they are writing. You can catch Yang-May at two events next Saturday (24th Feb), the Breakfast for Bloggers at the new MPH in Bangsar Village in the morning and in the afternoon at "Readings" at Seksan's. I'll be posting up more about these events shortly.

Meanwhile, Tungku Halim asks whether you write in silence, and if not, what's your soundtrack? (Me? I need silence.)

Meanwhile, Eric Forbes has a good go at local authors who don't read ... and if you make any claim to being a writer you should listen to what he's saying very carefully indeed. (And that's an order!)

And meanwhile, Ted finds hypermarkets a great place to shop for cheap books. Not only that but he has a lovely new teddy logo which really suits him, and who could resist pics of him a 5 year old complete with Beatles haircut! Cute! - both the teddy and Ted. But don't tell him I said that.


Kenny Mah said...

These are good links. I've read the ones by Yang-May, Tunku, Ted Mahsun and Eric Forbes, but the Kakiseni & Deepika Shetty pieces are new to me. Thanks for sharing! :)

P.S. I'm resending you the poster for the Breakfast Club; Eric noted a small error that I have corrected.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks kenny. there is some very good stuff on the blogs and i hope that some of the drop-by readers will find their way over there

one blog can never present a complete picture, it's like a newspaper with only one journalist, so it's great to have a whole web of local writers talking about issues of common concern