Sunday, February 11, 2007


If you happen to be in Midvalley Megamall this afternoon do drop by and give Lydia your support.

Have been enjoying her book in little coffee-break sized nibbles and every now and then I find myself laughing out loud when I find myself in a typical Lydia moment e.g. observing myself and other drivers finding ways to kill time whicle waiting for the lights to change!

Here's the blurb I wrote for the back cover:

These short essays blend information and anecdote, flights of fancy and slices of careful observation as Lydia Teh chronicles the quirks and eccentricities of contemporary urban life in Malaysia. Written with affection and humour, the book covers an enormous range of topics from MRT (Malaysian Rubber Time), the etiquette of kissing in public, and advice on how to gainfully spend your time tin traffic jams to decorating tips for the interior of your car and how to make sure your kids erasers don’t go astray. Locals will find themselves between the pages for sure. Great fun!

Lydia writes very well but I would love to mess her hair up, metaphorically speaking. I'm sure there must be a mad bad vampish Lydia inside the cheerful highly competent mum and housewife and I'd love to hear her voice.

(It's terrible how I have the urge to lead perfectly nice people, like Lydia, like Nic, off the straight and narrow just so they will write more dangerously ...)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Lydia's writing is very Malaysian and very funny. I was introducing her book to my friend Aizan at Borders yesterday, and she laughed so loud reading it, I swear people were looking at us!

Naturally, Aizan bought the book on the spot. :) Yay for word-of-mouth marketing!

Lydia Teh said...

Sharon, thank you so much for putting this up here. I'm really not that competent, hehe (David Byck will say, oh, that's so typically Msian).

*Mad, bad, vampish* - aiyo, you may not know what you'll unleash, my dear! Who knows, that may be the next change. But I like being nice. It's ok what, I'm not PM :)

Kenny, thanks for helping me promote. Not only are you my new BFF, you're also Promo Mgr!

Argus Lou said...

Bib, I would like to mess up Lydia's hair, literally.
She always looks so perfect and pretty in her pictures.
By the way, haven't you noticed the vamp in her flirts shamelessly with the horror-writin' good ol' Tunku Hal?
Heh heh.

bibliobibuli said...

kenny - yes, laugh aloud funny. especially when you find yourself in a lydia moment. you banner was really nice

lydia - no political ambitions? well okay then i'll let you stay nice ...

argus lou - yes she does look so perfect. how irritiating!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think MRT has to stop ? it just wastes time. It fits in entirely with what TP said once, that people like to be told they are how they like to see themselves, instead of what they actually are. I've never had anything not start on time in this country. And as for dangerous, there's nothing really dangerous about writing, what's the worse that could happen ? you get writers cramp ? :)