Saturday, February 17, 2007


Even the tiniest scintilla of snobbery would have turned the whole thing into an exhibition of exhibitionism, but these were writers with heart, not ego. They were there to entertain, not showboat, and all six thoroughly excellent wordsmiths endeared themselves to us immeasurably.
Sherry Siebel reviews our Night of the Living Text event on the Kakiseni website.

I wanna organise another one now!!!!

(Dunno whose mouth this is, but I nicked it from the Kakiseni website)


Jordan said...

Ain't that our lil ms d?

lil ms d said...

hey, do you guys find the new kakiseni website too... i dunno, wordpress-y? i miss the old look. it was fun.

bibliobibuli said...

it's not all up yet ... just hope that the archives will still all be there. one reason i love kakiseni is past good stuff is archived

Sufian said...

ms D,

I think ugly is the right word for it.

sherry siebel said...

It's Dina's mouth!!!