Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Authors on the Underground

Imagine this. You're on your way home from a wild night out, and you've probably had a bit to drink. You decide to take the tube (or okay, the LRT) home. As you sit waiting for your train you notice a document on the bench next to you. You pick it up and find it is in fact the manuscript of an as yet unpublished novel by your favourite author ...

Of course, such things don't happen in real life. Or do they?


savante said...

Ooh. That would have certainly made my day. And what a cool way to publicize a new book!

Think all writers should do the same :P

xmocha said...

if it was me who picked up that book, I think I will be actually shivering in excitement, Jeanette is definitely one of my all time fav. authors. In one of my phases, I read "Written On my Body" like 30 times!

Check out her blog at www.jeanettewinterson.com

One regret is I didnt manage to get down to Spitalfields my last visit to London.

Cheers, SM

Kenny Mah said...

I wonder what would happen if one were to leave a manuscript in one of our LRT stations? Would some kindly makcik take it home tenderly under her arm, to keep for the day the Old Newspaper Man in the Old Newspaper Van comes buy, hollering "Suratkhabar lama!"?