Sunday, March 18, 2007

Byck Ride

Joan Lau interviews It's a Long Way to the Floor author, the eternally ebullient yoga-convert David Byck in the New Straits Times.

Thought it gave me a nice excuse to nick this very nice picture of David and wife Alina with Ashtanga Yoga founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Joan makes this very interesting observation:
Many of the literary glitterati in the country will be focusing on the Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival which takes place later this month. ... David Byck will not be a part of that ...
Not sure if I qualify as a glitterati but it is sad how many local authors have been bypassed as presumably not 'literary' enough or not 'in' with the organisers.


sympozium said...

Of course you'd qualify as a glitterati!

Lydia Teh said...

Yay to David for being featured in NST.

I'll be part of the KLiLF... but not as glitterati as I certainly won't fit the the organiser's literary shoes but as a participant.