Friday, March 16, 2007

One Shouldn't ...

... but one does.

Books purchased yesterday at Big Bookshop warehouse sale (yes, another one) on at Atria, Damansara Jaya until 25th March. Incredible bargains on incredible books, many of them Penguin.

Bookxcess in Amcorp Mall, P.J. also has new stock in at low low prices.


Juria said...

Oh my..

fei said...

i was about to tell you the news, you really are quick, aren't you?

I want to get myself a Jonathan Safran Foer's book as well...

brw, I finished Tan's book, let's discuss about it later.

KayKay said...

Sharon dear, is that stack yours? If so, may I borrow Perfume? 'Tis a tale of a serial killer. Need I say more? And thanks for the tip on Bookexcess will head there tomorrow.

Eliza said...

That's a - stackful.

Perfume the book is much better than the movie, Sharon. Read it in the '90s and the story stuck in my head as one of the most unusual.

Tell me how Krauss's novel is - am so intrigued by the title (big romantic), and the Free Expression, NO Offnce title sounds intriguing. Had never heard of it though.

ps: went to the magazine store you publicized and bought an armload of home decor mags. Thanks for the tip!

bex said...

Ooh how much is the Nick Hornby one?

soo said...

I got these during the weekend,

Living to tell the tale
One hundred years of solitude
Eleven minutes
By the river piedra, I sat down & wept
Hell's angels
A short history of tractors in Ukrainian
The accidentel
Kingdom of fear
Letter from Burma
This blinding absence of light

May drop by this evening to browse for more books to relieve stress from work...!!!but finding time to read them it's a different story altogether

bibliobibuli said...

wasn't that fast, fei!! it's already been on for a few days and chet told me about it. unfortunately atria is reall near my home and i go there to get my car washed! any time for a chat. btw - when is the article coming out ...

kaykay - of course. was thinking of you when i bought it in fact. have heard so many good things about it and was actually looking for it.

eliza - yes, will do. the krauss is another book i've heard very good things about. "no offence" is a collection of essays about freedom of speech put out by english PEN and looks good.

bex - the nick hornby is rm12 paperback and i think rm29.99 hardback.

soo - nice list. and where does one stop? i think i need more than one lifetime to finish reading my haul ... you're right about buying books being a greast stressbuster

joshua said...

hi sharon,

just came back from atria. yes i just couldnt help it when I heard about the news this morning.

though not as surprising as the previous sale, it still offers a lot of titles to choose from, i bought a number of penguin classic titles, including Carson Mcmullers'The Ballard of the Sad Cafe.

by the way kaykay can easily pick up a copy of Perfume. there are even different versions of the novel at the sale. i've just finished the novel and cant wait to watch the movie.

let me update the titles i bought later. left the pile of books in my car :)

sulz said...

i got

the boy in the striped pajamas by john boyne
the jane austen book club by karen joy fowler
charlotte's web by e.b. white

bibliobibuli said...

joshua - "ballad of the sad cafe" is very good - a book i loved in my teenage years

sulz - saw the boyne and nearly bought it and i think the "jane austen bookclub" is supposed to be good too

"charlotte's web" is of course a classic

Kenny Mah said...

Grace just finished Perfume and I brought my copy up here from Malacca to reread too. We should all have a discussion of it before the film is released!

P.S. Maybe we shouldn't compare the films with the books so much, they are different creatures after all. My friend Marco absolutely refuses to watch The Lord of the Rings movies as he's a huge fan of the books. Aye, so am I, but the films are a different thing together for me --- surely all the film adaptations of Pride & Prejudice or Great Expectations have not diluted the originals? :)

Chet said...

I haven't been to the Big Bookshop Sale yet but I plan to. Instead, I went to Kino earlier this evening, after having coffee with Kam Raslan and Reza, and bought 3 books - Tan Twan Eng's The Gift of Rain, Faces of Courage about the Kathigesu family, and Kam's first book from 9 years ago, Generation. Two of the books were at 20% off. Reza and I also got to hold Kam's new book in our hands and it's not even out in the bookshops yet. I feel so privileged.

bibliobibuli said...

kenny - there are films i refuse to watch too - "captain corelli's mandolin" most of all

chet - you held kam's new book first??? jealous. what's the title? i forgot.

Chet said...

I got a picture of the book's cover on my blog.

Leon Wing said...

Which Putra LRT is nearest to Atria, anyone?

Chet said...

Leon - either the AmCorp Mall or Kelana Jaya LRT, but you still have to take a cab as there's no LRT near enough to walk to The Atria. But probably the AmCorp Mall LRT so you can visit Bookxcess, too.

Irman said...

I went this morning, and bought a few books;

1. The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana (Umberto Eco)
2. Memories of my Melancholy Whore (Garcia Marquez)
3. Summer in Baden-Baden (Leonid Tsypkin)
4. Conversations in Bolzano (Sandor Marai)
5. Tell Me No Lies (Journalistic Essays edited by John Pilger)
6. The Shaow of the Sun (Ryszard Kapuscinski)
7. The Stories of English (David Crystal)
8. A simone Weil Anthology
9. Headcrusher (Garros-Evdokimov)
10. Everything is Illumintaed (Safran Foer)
11. Free Expression is no Offence (a collection of essays)

bibliobibuli said...

how come you always spot stuff i don't at these things, irman?

bex said...

It's sometimes hard to spot books coz they get covered by other books! And there are so many piles of books to look through.

Well so I went today and wanted very much to buy Nick Honrby's "A Long Way Down" but unfortunately, searched high and low [and every table about three times] and could not find a single paperback copy. There was a huge stack of hardcover ones though, so I ended up buying another Nick Hornby book, "How To Be Good", which makes me happy too [coz I searched so hard for one!].

Btw, I'm a fan of your blog, it's the first site I visit everyday but have never commented before.

bex said...

Oops, can't believe I misspelt 'Hornby'.

bibliobibuli said...

bex - many thanks for plucking up the courage to comment this time then! sorry you didn't find another paperback copy of "a long way down" - but i have a copy you can borrow!

spellings don't matter. we all have dyslexic fingers here

animah said...

Alamak Irman, can you come with me?!! I'll pop by this afternoon after madam's ballet class. Which means I'll have to buy some disney princess thingy too.

fei said...

Dear Sharon,

I haven't write the review yet, my laptop rosak, went for reparing. Will let u know when is the article coming out,hopefully not too late.

btw, I went for Atria yesterday and got a good haul. They even have Camilla Gibb's Sweetness in the Belly in hardback.

1.Suite Francaise(Irene Nemirovsky)
2.Stone Cradle(Louise Doughty)
3.The Mysterious Flame of Queen Lorna(Umberto Eco)
5.Conversations in Bolzano (Sandor Marai)
6.On Beauty(Zadie Smith)
7.Disobedience(Naomi Alderman)
8.March(Geraldine Brooks)
9.Years of Wonder(Geraldine Brooks)
10.The Accidental(Ali Smith)
11.One matchless Time:A life of William Faulkner(Jay Parini)
12.Borges: A Life(Edwin Williamson)
13.Lolita (Nabokov)
14. Styles of Radical Will(Susan Sontag)
15.Rings of Saturn(W.G.Sebald)

Irman said...
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bibliobibuli said...

oooh we all got irman's number now. eligible bachelor (or should that be illegible bachelor)

fei - jealous lah with some of those i missed

lena said...

I picked up Perfume too. Although I dislike the cover (the other version was RM 2.90 more) and it had a deep cut all through the first few pages, possibly when they were doing the unpacking. So be sure to check your books before paying and don't get carried away dumping the books into your basket!

I bought
- Perfume: Suskind
- Old Goriot: H. de Balzac
- Lolita: V. Nabokov
- The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips
- Watership Down: R. Adams
- 1984: Orwell
- Hotel Babylon
- Mishima's Sword: C. Ross
- Adrian Mole & The Weapons of Mass Destruction: S. Townsend

Going to head there again to see what other classics they have. I love the "Read Red" line/covers.

Anonymous said...

That's about my entire food budget.

bibliobibuli said...

lena - i went back and bought that balzac too!

anon- mine too! anyone for page salad?