Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yes, I put it up at last. Came out from under my grouchy boulder. All bloggers rock, actually.
Dan lain-lain.

I tend to agree with minishorts about the whole Women's Day thing. Do we really need to set ourselves apart?

But. Greatly admire all the women who take a stand on social issues and fight on social issues and my biggest cheer would go to Sisters in Islam. And if I had a second award I'd give it to Farish Noor (Not a woman himself, but a very supportive bloke!) for wanting to record women's versions of history.

I applaud all those women bold and brave enough to put their voices out there in whatever medium, particularly when those who are perceived to step out of line in some way often come in for a great deal of harrassment and abuse. (And how many Malay women's blogs have been hacked and brought down? Well, I can name at least three.)

And I'd like to mention Kak Teh's post today which I loved.


fudzail said...

Hi Sharon

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bibliobibuli said...

many thanks fudzail